I'd hate to see what he can do with the other three fingers.

After my long break, I have finally been able to catch back up to Fairy Tail releases and now am back to posting. The previous episodes have been exciting, with some epic battles, some nonsensical battles, and the reappearance of Jellal, who is void of his memories. I have enjoyed the fights so far, but now that we get two fights from non-Fairy Tail members, it is great to see that even they can be pretty cool. The main part of this episode was about how badass Jura really was. Up until now he was a useless oaf that no one understood how he was exactly apart of the Ten Wizard Saints. This episode he unleashed some major powers and toppled Brain so fast if you blinked you probably missed it. I was definitely expecting more out of Brain since he was the leader, but it does look like we are going to get a new enemy appearing by the end of the arc since the generals are apparently seals for something even more dangerous.


The second fight of the episode was Hot Ey– err, Richard’s fight against Midnight. I was definitely fooled by how easy he was getting beat up at first. I thought it seemed ridiculous that Richard was so strong, since he said at the start of the fight that they where all more or less equal. I am guessing Midnight’s magic is something like any damage done to him is done to the opponent. The preview showed the upcoming Midnight versus Ezra that made it seem like he was controlling her magic, which could also be it, but that would seem kind of strange that Richard wasn’t hurt until after Midnight took all that damage. Either way, the next episode should be great, since the Ezra battles always seem pretty awesome.

I wonder if she can cure his brain as well?

Lastly, I did quite enjoy how the loli-princess cured Natsu of his motion sickness. It is probably temporary, like some kind of medication patch, but it was definitely getting old. Kind of like how every other super villain in Superman seems to have access to the ultra rare kryptonite,  it seems like the mangaka overuses Natsu’s weakness in order to give him a supporting roll until he gets to fight the main antagonist of the arc. I am really hopping Wendy becomes apart of the main cast so we can get her healing powers more often. With a new season, opening, and me starting back blogging Fairy Tail is looking better than ever. I can’t wait to see how this arc ends and what happens to Caitshelter.

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