It it just me or does that spaceship have a vagina?

Episode 2 started off with a great gag as last weeks realization of Prince’s “true form” was just about what kind of pet he owns. The serious nature of last weeks revel really made a good impression on me, but the week long gag was incredibly funny. It also was funny to watch Prince laugh while watching static. I am sure there is an alien only program running, but I want to see what is so funny. Three new characters get a reveal this week as they come down to rescue the rebellious Prince. I really loved the hot blooded personality of the Captain Kraft as he is obviously fed up with the Prince and the way he reacts. It should be great watching him get involved with everything.

When you are trying to conceal a murder, it probably isn't good to throw the trash can with the body in it.

The more interesting development this week is finding out that the earth is filled with aliens, more specifically the majority of them are Ellerians and the Disckonians. The classic they are involved with the government and earthlings aren’t allowed to know is also at play here, but more interestingly it seems Baseball plays a part in why they are here and living at peace. I am curious to see why that is, but not being a baseball fan myself, I can’t see why.. Maybe I should ask Jrow.

His blood pressure must be through the roof.

The best part of the episode is the second half when Yukitaka and Miho find Prince in a cafe pondering his current predicament. I nearly choked to death from laughing as the over the top kick from  floored Prince, however, that was only the beginning of the fun. I loved how Prince’s story of a noble deed only lead to him killing some random thug. Prince might be one of the best characters of the year and it only is January. The episode ended with Prince meeting back up with his people. Yukitaka and Kraft’s face off was incredibly funny. The faces they made to each other as they argued had to be the best scene in the episode, only to end with Prince bringing the body back to the apartment, causing Kraft to freak out.  With Prince needing to go to some galactic meeting, the fact that the guy isn’t dead, and he happens to be a Disckonian, which will rain hell on them, makes me curious to see how the next few episodes unfold. Level E is quickly becoming my favorite anime of the Winter 2011 season.

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