Kannazuki Miyabi is looking for another boy toy to add to her Limiter collection, but Kazuya isn’t having any of it. I mean, who would pass up Brigette for that slut?

FINALLY! An anime that takes time to explain why the girls' tits are so friggin big.

Most people I know who watch anime follow the 3 episode rule, and I can see this episode of Freezing truly being a make-or-break episode for them. I’ll tell you this much right now: don’t bother worrying about Novas. As the anime seems to be following the story fairly close to the manwha, the Novas probably won’t factor in until the end of the 12-episode run, if even that. The first episode cheated by borrowing content from a later point in the manga, and maybe hooked in some who thought they would see girls fight aliens that look like they came from their defeats in Evangelion or Rahxephon or something like that.

Hey, did you kids pay for those seats? No free rides... get outta here!

The second episode’s ending teased Kannazuki Miyabi finding out about Kazuya arriving at school and that she wants him as another Limiter. The only problem is she chose to pursue him while he was with the Untouchable Queen. She’s a senior, sure, but the smarter ones try and avoid conflict wherever possible. The fighting between the two is pretty good as it shows off Ereinbar Set and Freezing, but its more shocking moment is when they strip Brigette down and start taking pictures of her taint. They should’ve brought some permanent markers up and just start drawing dicks on her ass or something. Sure, Brigette is probably going to give you a near-death experience, but you can laugh afterwards about using a canvas as nice as Brigette’s butt cheeks. And she better hope that when Kazuya casted his Freezing that it could jam electronics and erase data, or else “Brigette Hazing” will be a popular Google search term at Genetics.

Makes for good DVD case art.

I got off track with the hazing thing, but on the whole, this episode really isn’t all that good. Some manwha details for you: they show the sequence of Brigette just beating the shit out of Miyabi (Chapter 4), and Brigette actually does drive her Volt right into Miyabi’s torso and blood is everywhere. When I watched it and they cut to Shiffon, I went, “Remember that first episode? Yeah, that was cool stuff. Be more like that.” The first episode wasn’t afraid of slitting throats and such, and now they want to change the sequence to have Brigette hold back? The anime is really, really softening up Brigette in this series, and you realize in this episode how bad of a casting Noto Mamiko is as Brigette. When I imagined Brigette in anime form, what I hear out of her isn’t what I was expecting.

Guys... anivisionpodcast AT gmail.com. Thx.

At the end of the episode, we see a sequence in which Ingrid Bernstein and her Limiter, Leo, make easy work of a Nova. Hey, they’re fighting Novas… oh wait, not really; just a simulation. Fuck. She does debut one of the series’ more prominent techniques, the Tempest Turn, which makes it look like she split into four as she hacked and slashed the Nova before opening its core. And after that, the woman-hunt for Brigette begins, as Atia Simmons employs Ingrid to take down the Untouchable Queen. I don’t think they’ll squeeze this next fight into one episode, and the fight with her and Brigette is pretty good.

He's just mad cause those guys won't include him in the email chain. I gotcha Kazuya.

The story in the Freezing anime is staying mostly true to how it was in the manwha, but when you break the show down into smaller parts, you’ll see flaws up the… ass. It’s getting the nudity right, though. Girls are cleverly cutting open Brigette’s top to give us a look at those wonderful mounds, and Kannazuki fondling her breasts is a gif I could probably watch on an infinite loop. I was surprised that nipples even made it into the preview for episode 04, as Kazuya should go find a pillow to hide it from her. I get so distracted… anyways, I feel like, while the animation isn’t getting better, that I’m adapting to it more. I like how Freezing looks here and the shot of Kazuya above is a pretty good one. It’s difficult to expect an anime to adapt a manga series incredibly well, but it was a bit disappointing to me when they cut away from that scene. There are certainly worse ecchi series and I still want to kind of relive the early sequences of the manwha in anime form, so if I sound distraught at any point in my impressions, I’m still on board with Freezing the anime.

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