It’s Game Night on Kore wa Zombie desu ka?!

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Live from the house of Aikawa Ayumu, the 3 girls engage in Family Game Night. The Tsubamaegashi Sword Technique is a key strength to Sera’s success, but the Masou Shoujo Haruna and Necromancer Hellscythe are more than worthy competitors at the board games. Let’s cut to the exciting action right now!

In Jenga, there are only losers.

Pretty intense games. Mad cred to the girls for being able to get those Jenga shapes, and especially Haruna for amazing use of the chainsaw. And how about Hellscythe spinning that board! She only could’ve done better had she tangled the two up.

As if Game Night wasn’t enough for our lovely trio, they decide to go bowling and dress totally like girls that wanna get turkeyed by some googly-eyed nerds. Let’s turn our focus to the lanes:

Oh no... it's not even the first frame, and Ayumu's already pulling a Jay Cutler.

The pins fall for Sera's beauty.

To borrow a Tim Allen joke, the only reason Hellscythe got a strike was because the pins fell from boredom. The bowling contest was good and Orita stole the scene with him shaking his Dr. Poppor and flipping Ayumu the bird (Ayumu did pull through and whoop Orita). I’d like to see some scenes where he pays Ayumu and co. a visit.

So let’s change the channel and see what’s happening on the Orito Fantasy Network. Hold on, gotta call the satellite company and let them know I want to order channel 469. It’s cool that these channels do the 24-hour thing now. It’s tough to watch 10 minutes in one sitting, let alone 60.

Alright, we’ll worry about how the bill looks when the Mrs. looks at it later, but for now, let’s enjoy our purchase of premium content on the Orito Fantasy Network:

White Panty

Orito's fantasies are more exciting than Ayumu's.

Haruna is horrible at this strip bowling game.

Much like last week, Zombie turned around toward the end of the episode and focused on who Ayumu’s killer is. Kyoko, with her amazing pig tails and bountiful breasts, was a survivor of the serial killer’s attack. We’re slowly starting to piece together details of Ayumu’s death.

As you can see from the amount of pictures I’ve used, there’s a lot of good imagery in this episode. Zombie has been a lot of fun to watch, and I knew I had some work to do as many images of Orito’s fantasy brought the fanservice in full force. After this blog is published, I will go downstairs, turn on my Wii, and make an Ayumu character and take him bowling. And then I’ll make a Haruna Mii and scare the hell out of people by throwing the ball backwards. What I really appreciated most about this episode was that it got the laughs without a heavy reliance on physical humor, showing a versatility that adds appreciation on top of the LOLs.

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