She likes to eat beer.

On this week’s show, Kazuya gets to see more of what he stuffed his face into in episode one and we all blush about the process of Baptism.

By the way, can’t wait for a Blu-Ray release of the series, because these CV’s are horribly cutoff on the sides.

Dear Diary, Kazuya saw me naked today. I hope he returns the favor sooner than later.

The action in Freezing continues to be a strong point. Though it was nighttime (and with a bit of rain in the flashback) and the animation still teeters on average, the action was very fast and Pandora Mode certainly stood out in the night sky. A little too dark, but the key points got across OK. Kazuya continues to surprise with his strength of Freezing, as he not only overpowered Leo’s Freezing, but Ingrid while she was in Pandora mode. The one thing I don’t get is, if him and Brigette aren’t baptized, how can she move while in it? I don’t think the process of Baptism in Freezing has been fully detailed enough, but I would suspect that Baptism would put you on the same wavelength and not affect your partner’s limit in Freezing. But then again, Kazuya is his brother’s sister, therefore a special case. It may seem like Brigette’s weak for the title of Untouchable Queen, but she is fighting Seniors and w/o a Limiter.

Brigette's Accel has zero effect vs. Ingrid.

Seeing how the anime handled Ingrid this week, I have a sense that they are trying to squeeze the first 24 chapters or so into the 12-episode run. This episode covered rather lengthy chapters 5-9, and condensed a lot of Ingrid’s flashback sequence into Genessa breaking down key points. This also covered the big Nova flashback starring Marine, as you see much more of what’s going on and why Marine chose to fight a Nova head-on the way she did. Marine’s an interesting character, and I wouldn’t have minded her flashback being sandwiched inside the Ingrid/Brigette battle.

Kazuya, Baptism isn't an anal deal, but I wouldn't blame ya for trying.

The problem with how it was handled is that Ingrid doesn’t even appear in the flashback, making it hard to feel for a woman who’s beating up on the heroine of the series. A purist of the series can certainly express disappointment in moments like those being left out, but for a lengthy mini-arc such as the Ingrid/Brigette fight to be condensed to 22 minutes while still getting enough of the main points out for anime-only viewers, it’s not 100% bad. It is at the sacrifice of depth, but so what? We all signed up for boobs and slashing of clothing. (Or did we? Those were the forms I signed. Here, I’ll show them to you. Pages might be sticky though.)

Ingrid's Pandora Mode provides a much needed flashlight to the battle.

Speaking of nudity… I love posting images of it, and I love discussing it. There were a couple different angles while Brigette was bathing I would’ve liked to seen; the towel falling off and boobs hovering over Kazuya’s face was spot on. It didn’t occur to me during the Genessa arc, but none of the other girls in the manwha ever get frontal exposure. I don’t remember Ingrid having a shower scene and when Brigette cuts her top, it’s only so far and doesn’t expose. When reading the manwha, I thought Ingrid was damn hot in the manwha, and for this, I say Yatta! Let’s get Rana-chan involved in the nudefest next week!

Marine deserved an episode or maybe even a half of one.

The last episode was a bit of a bummer for me, and while lots of stuff were taken out, I still enjoyed the episode. As long as the action can be enjoyable to watch, the anime can maintain a, “Hey, I watch it for fun” quality to it.

Images of Ingrid and Brigette Topless Here:

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