The littlest things seem to surprise Team Natsu.

Last week I was busy and didn’t get to 63, so I decided to pair both episodes up since they feature the same fight. The fight is the Midnight vs Erza x Jellal pair and it was a good one. Erza’s fights always seem to be great. It might just be the fact that she is a hot girl and thus we pay more attention to them. I was interested in Midnight after he took down Richard so easily, but after hearing his ability I was kind of disappointed. The ability to reflect anything, warp powers, and make illusions just seemed too ordinary. I did think it seemed rather futile that Jellal tried to stop Midnight when he was obviously in a weak state. Era should have just knocked him out to stop him from doing something stupid. It was interesting to see Jellal act the way he did. Frankly though I hope this is all an act because Jellal’s “kind” character seems way too pathetic. It will be interesting to seem how his character develops and whether or not it is an act or if Nirvana will effect his innocent nature at all.

The Robe of Yuen might be Ezra's sexiest armor requip.

Erza’s fight was good, but it seemed a bit lack luster since Midnight just stood there deflecting everything instead of it being a back and forth fight. I was a bit confused on how Midnight was shocked when Erza forced an requip in order to stop him from choking her to death. It just seemed like the obvious solution and yet Midnight was surprised by it. I think Midnight was designed to be the creepy psychopath, but he seemed so pathetic at times I felt it hard to really like his character. Erza unveiled a new armor, the Robe of Yuen and it was quite sexy. I really liked the staff she used for the armor as well. Erza seems to utilize a lot of swords and it is cool to see another staff armor show up.

Don't eat that, you don't know where Jellal has been.

In episode 64 we had the conclusion to the Midnight fight and it was great! I love how everything in episode 63 was merely there just to test Midnight’s powers. When I was going back and taking screenshots for this post I even noticed Erza’s reaction when Midnight dodged her sword being thrown at him. I did think his primary weakness was rather obvious.. he can’t take physical attacks.. I guess he utilizes his illusions when he comes across more physical fighters. If he where to fight Natsu or with takeover magic like Elfman he would get owned. I also thought it was strange that she used Robe of Yuen because it was cloth.. Seems like if she used another one of her cloth based armors like the one she used to defeat Ikaruga during the Tower of Heaven arc. Midnight’s defeat was rather satisfying, even the illusion was a rather obvious attack since he himself even said he could use illusions.

It must be hard being cute.

The most amusing part about episodes 63 and 64 was the introduction of the 7th member of Oracion Seis. When I first saw Klodoa I thought he was going to transform into Zero and that was just he sealed form. It was funny watching Grey and Natsu getting their ass handed to them by a floating staff. Also it was revealed why exactly CaitShelter was being targeted. Apparently they are just the reminisce of the tribe that originally created and sealed Nirvana. It makes me wonder why they just didn’t destroy Nirvana in the first place. I was wondering what was going to happen to CaitShelter since Wendy seems like she will eventually become apart of the main cast or at least join Fairy Tail. I thought Nirvana might just end of destroying CaitShelter, but probably even if member survive they will disband themselves after the arc leaving Wendy free to join Fairy Tail. I still think Wendy has some kind of connection to Mystogan anyway, since the images of her traveling with Jellal young shows him carrying a staff, but I guess that is for another time.

Anyone else find it strange that if you seal a big powerful German looking dude you get a smart Indian guy? I feel like there is a racist message in their somewhere...

Once Midnight is defeated we get our first introduction of Zero, the guy so badass that he had to seal himself away, which seems a bit stupid in my opinion. I do like his destroy everything motto. It always seems so cliché when bad guys have elaborate plans to do something, it is just nice to see someone who just wants to be evil. It really makes me curious to see who’s plans it was to use Nirvana to turn people bad. Zero obviously just wants to crush people so I would bet on it not being him. Anyway, the next episode should mark the start of the final battle and I know everyone is excited to see Natsu kick some ass. He has had the back seat in most of the episodes because of the manga author exploiting his motion sickness a bit too much, so I am glad that we can see a full on Natsu battle. I am hoping for some more dragon scales to appear because I know that is probably just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder if his final version will be like a mini dragon with wings and all. That would be pretty awesome.

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