Probably should add a bit of soy sauce to that.

The grainy old school creepy style really set the mood for the episode as we got to see a girl get eaten by a new kind of alien. The stars of this week’s episode were the four boys who got to witness the event. I really wasn’t impressed with those characters because they had no real personality to them. Nozaki was the only one freaked out, which really all of them should’ve been since they just saw someone eat a person. It freaked me out just watching the movie Silence of the Lambs, so I could only imagine how paranoid I would be after watching someone get eaten whole by a seemingly normal looking person. I did think it was smart of them the way they handled the situation once they narrowed it down to three people. Avoiding them was the best way, although I might have just looked to transfer schools altogether. Once they showed us the pictures, I already figured out it was Yamamoto by just the partial images they showed.

Personal Rule # 76: Never trust a hippie..

After Higashio disappeared and left the others in a more panicked state, I honestly figured he was eaten as well. When they went to Ango, I thought he was going to be one of those hippie alien conspiracy theory people, but he just thought they where crazy. I honestly thought the doctor was an alien as well, since he was beyond creepy. I did think it was funny how the doctor pretty much told them to do exactly what they already were doing. After Itakura disappeared and the other two decided to pay the doctor’s large fee, I thought it was really funny when they found both Itakura and Higashio in the safe house that the doctor sent them to, playing a game no less. It was great that the doctor allowed them to buy off the investigation 3 times. Although they where stuck in that room, I would question their loyalty seeing that the doctor told the other two that they were going to a safe house until the investigation was over and they didn’t even bother to call each other.

I think there is a slight difference from eating a human girl and eating fried chicken..

After the investigation was over and everything was found out about how the aliens eat their mates, I was waiting for the punchline. If anything was really weak in this episode, it would be the comedy. It did feel like there was a dash of dark comedy, but this week was pretty much more of a serious episode that was kind of ruined by the Prince in the end. I was glad to seem them back. I hope they have more presence in every episode, which I think they will even if they don’t star in it. Once it is over, I will be checking out the manga to see if the anime added the Prince to each arc so they could keep the anime more consistant than the manga. Overall this episode had a great sci-fi horror feel to it, but it really lacked the flair that the first three episodes had.

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