It seems like every other episode features a montage of shocked faces.

Wendy finally locates Jellal, but with out his memories he turns out to be as useless as Ichiya. With CaitShelter’s impending doom looming ahead, Wendy and Charle look on helplessly as Nirvana fires its main weapon .With the aid of the remaining members of the alliance, they manage to stop the attack from hitting by using Christina, the flying magic ship of Blue Pegasus. After only one successful attack against Nirvana, Christina starts to fall apart again because the mages holding it together are running out of magical power. Hibiki uses the remaining time to tell the remaining members that they must destroy the six lacrima powering Nirvana at the same time. However, with Zero guarding one of the six lacrima and only 3 people available to destroy the crystals, they call upon Grey, Lucy, and Natsu to stand up and fight once more. Out of sheer willpower they stand up ready to fight. Not knowing which lacrima crystal Zero is guarding, the six set out not knowing which one of them will run into the powerful enemy. Before they set out Ezra tells Jellal that Natsu had selected the one he did because he knew that it was the one Zero was protecting and with the mention of Natsu’s name a moment of rage overcame Jellal. Once Natsu made his way into the chamber the fight with Zero broke out. While Natsu was being overpowered by Zero’s devastating attacks a mysterious attack came out of nowhere hitting Natsu causing him to fly backwards. Looking up he found that Jellal had made his way to the chamber possibly looking for revenge.

Where was Hibiki during my final? Would've been nice if he just downloaded the book into my head.

This week’s episode started off with what seemed like the inevitable destruction of CaitShelter, but it was an interesting surprise to see the rest of the Alliance there to save the day. Out of all the new alliance characters, Hibiki is the most interesting character and I hope he comes back for some more appearances. His archive abilities and telepathy makes him very useful in any situation. Being able to download things directing into people’s heads is like something out of the matrix. I wonder if he could download false memories and emotions confusing people. If he could do that, then that would make him a powerful mage. It was great to see Christina actually useful, but even then it was Eve’s actually attack that stopped Nirvana from firing, which means Christina is nothing more than a glorified air balloon. I guess flying vessels in the Fairy Tail world are rare that is why they looked at it and where impressed.

Jellal's expressions are some of the best in Fairy Tail.

The first half of this episode was pretty much a set up so they could take down Nirvana and defeat Zero. The only interesting things to talk about is the reaction Jellal had when Natsu’s name was mentioned and the start of the Natsu v. Zero fight. Jellal’s reaction was interesting because it really felt like they where leading us to believe he was ready to kill Natsu, but when he attacked Natsu he used fire, which tells me it is something else. Maybe he remembers, but has changed and wants to help, but I believe maybe he just has flashes at the moment and is helping because he knows Natsu won’t be able to defeat Zero unless he fills up. It does seem strange that Ezra’s name did nothing for him seeing that she and Jellal’s past are so entwined. I guess the rage of being defeated got to Jellal even more than anything he experienced with Ezra. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing how that develops.

Wait, what? Gear Second?!

When Natsu found Zero I was half expecting him to say, “I win.” I am interested in seeing where the Natsu v. Zero fight goes. Natsu being an emotional fighter is kind of annoying though, because I really wish that he would just be strong always and not have to get his ass handed to him every time first. It has happened in every arc so far too. I am excited about the fight because after seeing the teaser we got to see more Dragon Scales on Natsu and I can’t wait to see how much of a transformation that makes him undergo. Right now Natsu’s magic seems stronger than ever because he was even able to cancel out Zero’s piercing magic. Next episode is going to be a pure fighting episode so I am going to try out a new blog style, so look forward to that!

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