Kazuya can either be with the Untouchable Queen or the Tibetan Babe. But that’s not really his choice to make as a catfight ensues this week on Freezing.

This episode was all about Rana, as she sees Kazuya as a soulmate and is egged on by Atia to fight Bridgette for the rights to the Limiter. The only small bit of information that’s worth looking into is how Bridgette earned the title of “Untouchable Queen”. She’s beaten the living daylights out of previous Limiters who wanted to be with her. Other than that, this episode is more fun to look at than it is to read blocks of words describing just what exactly happened. Enjoy these mini-galleries, and I hope to see ya back toward the ending.

Rana vs. Genessa

Rana Gets Minxy with Kazuya

This is a pic that's worth a caption contest. What is Arthur saying to Kazuya?

Rana vs. Satella

I'm going to touch you, and it's gonna hurt like hell... BURNING FANG!

So at the conclusion of the Rana vs. Bridgette fight, the 3rd Years step in and look to take advantage of the battle-weakened gals. Atia even expresses a bit of jealousy (in disgust) as the two fight. You know, in college sports, coaches aim to teach players not only how to be great athletes, but also to be even better men and women. Genetics does not seem to give a damn about such a way of teaching as there is clearly an issue with the 3rd Year class. Genetics might need to schedule some seminars to shapen up these girls.

At the halfway point of the anime, we’re somewhere close to the chapter 16-24 range when this and the next episode happen. I really hope they spend at least 2 episodes with this next series of fights.

Breast of the Rest:

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