Yuu arrived at the end of episode 5 and she really got me excited once she grabbed Haruna’s chainsaw. When she went into magical girl mode, I was so pumped up for the episode that the opening theme kinda got in the way. Now we just need to get Sera to be a masou shoujo and we’ll have the most unlikely group of magical girls (and guy) ever!

Ayumu's fantasies (and ours) have reached reality!

The Necromancer’s magic is as powerful as advertised, but we mainly only see it in a defensive sense. Kyoko threw everything but the kitchen sink at her, even going as high as 500% lightning without as much as a scratch on Hellscythe-dono. We don’t get to here Hellscythe say “Shinu”, but her lips moving plus the on-screen text serves as a strong way of evoking the weight of Yuu’s softly-spoken words.


Kyoko pulls a Roman Catholic Church move (via Magical Index) and destroys her ear drums so that she cannot here Yuu’s words of death, but at least Kyoko can regenerate herself by taking away one of her own lives. It was really bizarre that she made easy work of Sera and Haruna and then just shoved her sword right through her own chest. There’s a lot of good shots of Kyoko being scary and suffering/bleeding to death.

Sticks and stones can break bones, but it's Hellscythe's words you need to worry about.

A really cool animation effect preps us for Kyoko's big bang attack.

Seeing the trio of Ayumu, Sera and Haruna come together to fight for Hellscythe was really cool as you could see the friendship between them grow in that sequence. Haruna was echoing my sentiments of, “I just wanna kick that girl’s ass!”, and Sera calling her new technique “Untitled” was funny in the midst of action, though it was to no effect vs. Kyoko.

Ayumu is a badass for being able to pull that look off while dressed in magical girl clothing.

"Get away from me, hentai!"

We sort of got the idea last week that Kyoko is a hybrid of all the different character types on the show as she’s able to turn into a masou shoujo, elevate her powers to 500% and use as many lives as she’s stolen. Something that might explain how she became this way was after Ayumu wasted all but one of her lives, she’s posessed by the so-called, “King of Night”. It becomes clear at this point that one of Dai-sensei’s students has been corrupted and also presents a higher brand of evil to Zombie Desu ka.

There are obvious jokes here, but damn Ayumu... that's just wrong.

I didn’t mention the music last week, but I’m liking the soundtrack a good bit. I particularly liked the violin piece playing while Ayumu was chainsawing Kyoko up good. Fitting music to hear a girl scream her brains out to.

This was an exciting end to an arc that I didn’t expect to see so soon. I came into the episode expecting less action than what we got, and I’m really glad at how this episode turned out. It really packed in some good action and great moments for Ayumu and I felt the battle ended in good fashion as it left me wondering just what’s next for the series. I like that the other 3 got to see Yuu fight and see her speak toward Kyoko and how the group grew closer together once Yuu had been knocked out. Though hokey, Ayumu thanked Kyoko for killing him which has blessed him with 3 cute girls living in his home.¬†As the show has gone on, it’s really shown depth across the board (Yuu and Ayumu, especially) and has actually developed an intriguing main storyline with the King of Night guy appearing toward the end.

The fanservice has been really well played also, as this week, some convenient censoring covers Kyoko’s lower region.

After The Credits

Thought Kyoko’s decaying skin was creepy? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen men wearing thongs operating machinery that is shaped to look like a pig. A very peculiar tease for the next episode of Zombie Desu ka.

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