Taking a break from fighting each other, some of the girls participate in Miss Freezing 2011!

Hello everybody and indeed, welcome to the Miss Freezing Pageant! Let me introduce our wonderful contestants!

She enjoys Strawberry Parfait.

Touch her in her foot finger. She'll totally cream.

Get out the Monopoly!

She enjoys building plastic model kits, especially Gundam. THIS is Amuro's waifu!

Bridget should probably knit herself some more coverage.

Hey babe, wanna catch a movie?

An anime-only episode follows the many fight episodes since the show’s begun with a pageant/dance. Bridget this week was particularly fun to watch as she inches closer to the point of actually wanting to do Baptism with Kazuya and won the contest with her (surprise) moe-like charm. Rana still wanting to pair up with Kazuya is certainly pushing her forward. What is dumb is Kazuya being able to cast Freezing with relative ease at the end. Fighting is one thing, but a girl being embarrassed is another; tough to buy that the kid could cast Freezing on an entire party. It also didn’t need to be there because him telling Rana he was going with Satella to the dance and them dancing together already added to their relationship. This is an anime-only episode, so the development gained can be appropriately thrown out the window.

How Rana didn’t win that contest (let alone finishing 4th) is ridiculous. Her in that outfit was actually worthy of DQ just because of too much skin exposure and hotness overload! My god… anyways, what a weird thing to add to the contest that Miyabi fixed it, still finished 5th, and moreso seemed happy with the result. It felt like it was a plot point that the producers thought up early on, but forgot to take it out once a revised script came in. LOL, Freezing scripts. Rocket science, those things…

And we’ve been through the argument of bust size not mattering as recently as Samurai Girls. It’s tough to compete versus busty Bridget and the others, but I thought Atia’s costume she revealed to Bridget pre-pageant was actually pretty hot. Had she stuck with it in the contest, she might’ve done better. Some would say that her doing that to Bridget at the end is awful…

Next week is the debut of Cassie Lockheart on Freezing. She had a few chapters in the manwha and has a rough past that’s worth a look-see, so if this filler-like episode didn’t quite hit the mark with you, next week’s surely should.

Breast of the Rest:

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