Should have just left her out there..

Not long ago I undertook the daunting task of watching To Aru Majutsu no Index. This was particularly difficult for me because I had attempted to watch this series three times before. Once was when the series first aired back in 2008 and the second time was after the spin-off Railgun started, and the last time was right before season two started. Everytime I failed to get past episode 4 and the two main reasons were quite simple. The first was the concept that Index would die because her memories filled up and the second was Index as a character. I have more complaints about the series all of which will be addressed throughout this post.

The only time Index was actually funny.

Now you must understand I had not gotten past the fourth episode so I had no idea that the whole idea of Index having her memories erased every year was just so that the Church could keep control over her. Even still, the idea that she would die after her memories filled up had me pissed off beyond belief. That very idea made me want to stop watching the anime. I felt like the series was trying to take me for an idiot. I understand that anime has a fantasy element to it, but that concept was beyond salvation. There could have been better ways to deal with it. I wonder if I was the only one to take such offence to that, but it still was a great relief when we found out it was all a lie and it made me regret not watching episode 5 much sooner.

Even though the memory problem had me on edge it really was the character herself that made me quit. After 4 episodes I really disliked Index the character. I am all for a good loli, but her character was annoying. In fact, after watching all the way up to the current arc, every arc that had her playing a main role was not so interesting. My problem with her is that she has a very bitchy personality. It is funny how there are characters that are similar to her, but none of them annoy me like her. I don’t even like her quark, as in how she bites Touma when she is angry. Think about it.. if someone bit you, that would be kind of disgusting. I was impressed with her when she fought the Golem and the current arc in Index with her taking a big role I am enjoying, but other than that she has been a thorn in the side of anime. Like Zelda, it makes me wonder why the series is called “A Certain Magical Index.” Half of the time she has almost no role what so ever. Touma is the main character and like I said before, the arcs without her are better than the arcs with her.

Nothing made me happier than when this arc turned into a "kill the lolis" fest.

Shut the door! Index can actually do something usefull?!

After watching the series one thing I wonder is why are there so many lolis? I think the author of Index needs to get castrated because he definitely has a hard on for the little girls. Sure there are some great women, but it seems like there are far more loli characters than other types of women. Take the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc, why would the Catholic church send a bunch of loli maids to do the job? They thought Orsola knew how to destroy all religions on the planet, you would think they would send someone more experienced. The author purposely put loli’s in the arc and made them do uncharacteristic things like having Touma wake up with Agnese snuggling with him.

Another problem with the series is that there are very few “bad guys.” What I mean by that is that the series seems to love the idea of the tragic villain. The villain that is only doing evil deeds because of bad things that happened to them in the past. Like how Accelerator was turned evil because scientists have been experimenting on him all his life or like how Aureolus Izzard was just trying to find a way to cure Index. More villains need to be like Biagio who was actually doing evil things because he believed they were the right things to do, not because he was an orphan who owned his life to the church.

Less lolis and more of this~

The last problem I want to mention is that there seems to be a lot of brain injuries in Index. I get the idea that because it is the future the medical technology can bring anyone back to life no matter the physical injury, but it seems like brain injuries have become a staple in the series. For Touma it was an interesting way to give a twist for the series and for Accelerator it was needed in order to make him a main character without having him be too strong, but when other parts of the series where being threatened with brain injuries it just started to seem ridiculous. Like how if Agnese fired the Queen of the Adriatic weapon she would become brain dead just seemed strange. Why not something like it would drain the life out of her killing her?

MISAKA 10032 is right, revolution is the only way.

The main reason I am annoyed with Index is that there are arcs that make me excited to watch, but then there are the crappy arcs, which all coincidentally have Index in them, that are not interesting at all. Plus there are a lot of great characters. Touma is pretty cool, although I would like to see some growth in his character. I especially liked the idea that his memories got destroyed and he is not telling anyone about it. It gives this unique side to the story that I have never seen before.  Also I really like Accelerator and how his character has developed. Last Order is the only loli I like. There are many other characters I like as well, in fact most of the non-loli characters I like. Story wise I want to see more of the scientific side and I would love to see Accelerator fight some magic types; maybe in this arc he will. I wish Index was either very good or very bad because when we get a crappy arc like the La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc then it is followed by the current invasion arc, which is turning out very well, it just makes it hard to decide whether I like Index or not.

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