East meets West as Cathy helps lead a Nova-Infected group of Pandoras into the Ravensborne Necleochede.

Thanks for adding this scene in, anime.

The result of the Novas absorbing the Pandoras last week is the Nova actually taking over their bodies and spitting out naked ladies. When I word it that way, it sounds awesome. More anime needs naked lady making alien thingies. I digress. Cathy Lockhearte and Milena now lead a charge into West Genetics, where they are looking for something specific to destroy or take away from Genetics. Their weak spot seems pretty obvious, with a stone placed on their chest, but the sort of evil take on Pandoras looks really cool with blades coming out their backs and the ability to regenerate their volt weapons.

Chris and Sheva know a thing about pulling these out...

Even in a moment of danger, Rana still plays the possession game with Bridgette over Kazuya. The matter of Bridgette getting some of Kazuha’s stigma is addressed, but not before a call comes requesting the 2nd years to come to Ravensborne Necleochede, which I thought was very funny how Rana misinterpreted it. “Lesbian? Nude with boobs?” As I type this, I can’t recall saying things about how Freezing is funny, and in the most dramatic sequence of the series, it somehow sneaks in a misinterpretation joke that kinda works. Getting back to my point, it’s fortunate that the on-going tug of war with those 3 didn’t feel like it was in the way of the Nova action.

Kim & Elize got involved in the action vs. the Nova this week.

There was some action going on, but the more exciting stuff is yet to come once Chiffon and all the other characters we’ve seen so far get to fight some. We already saw Miyabi get bowled over easily by Milena. If the translation I saw is proper enough, another funny line was one of the girls saying, “Living in guys is the only thing you’re good at, isn’t it?” As a viewer of the series, it’s easy to view Miyabi as slutty, but I never knew of the other girls making snarky comments or anything of the like about her interests in Limiters.

Now seems like a good time to settle who gets Kazuya.

Sister Margarette walked into the center of Ravensborne Necleochede where Maria Lancelot, the source of the Pandora’s power, is located. Comparisons can be made to Lilith from Evangelion, as Margarette talks about how the Pandora’s source of power actually comes from the Novas themselves and that it has something to do with how Kazuha died. This brings me to a point I made back in episode 2. The design choice for how the girls look in their enhanced power form is different in the anime than how it appears in the manwha. In the manwha, they look like a human form of the Nova, which makes sense considering that the girls essentially have pieces of Nova infused into their bodies. I’ve also mentioned before that the design choice didn’t bother me, but a small story point like this doesn’t exactly make me feel better about it.

For the passengers on the left, if you look outside you'll see a Nova explosion. Those on the right side can see a cloud shaped like a duck.

The battle formation called for the remaining 4th years to come out on the battlefield, with 3rd years guarding the gates and 2nd years being on standby. That said, why are only 2nd years called to defend what is Genetics’ main ingredient, Lancelot? Shouldn’t Margarette have her own guard with her and maybe have Bridgette and the others elsewhere? It does certainly increase the stakes for Bridgette and Kazuya, and logic isn’t a goal of this show, so let us look forward to Cathy vs. Bridgette II. Bridgette’s tough, but Cathy’s a 4th year with quadruple accel and has been taken over by the Nova. Rana might be fighting Milena while Genessa fights off all the others.

Breast of the Rest:
*This week’s eyecatch of Ticy w/ Chiffon is easily my favorite yet, and Elizabeth still can’t decide on a bikini to wear.*

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