I love it when Houki smiles.

Amuro1X here. Nope, I’m not really blogging this series, but if you listen to the podcast (and you should) then you know that much to steev’s confusion, I love me some Infinite Stratos. Yes it’s a silly harem show, with an even sillier plot that’s just an excuse to show me some girls in power armor. That won’t stop this mechaphile from enjoying IS.  It’s taking my two favorite things and smashing them together. Oh how I would kill for a Gundam Mecha Musume anime. Anyway, up to this point in the series, out of the five main girls in the harem, Houki Shinonononononono (that may be somewhat off…) was the only one not to have her own personal unit. This is somewhat strange considering she’s the first to be introduced, is the younger sister of woman that invented IS, and arguably the “most likely” to “win” the harem, what with being Childhood Friend #1. Well, it seems that her sister was just putting some finishing touches on her super awesome 4th gen model. After ten episodes, the Akatsubaki, or Red Camelia in English, makes its first appearance. Technically we get to see it in the flash forward opening battle of the series. I gotta say, while Houki was already my favorite girl in the group, she’s also got my favorite IS as well.


Beam blades everywhere. Kind of reminds me of the Infinite Justice Gundam.

It’s about time Houki gets some love, too. She pretty much took a back seat in the series as early as when Cecilia and Rin were introduced, and Charlotte and Laura have pretty much stolen the show. As it stands now, the series is ending in another two episodes or so, and it doesn’t seem like there will be a conclusive ending, considering this is based on a light novel series. Hopefully it does well in DVD/BD sales so it’ll get picked up for a second season. It would be a shame to only get to see Houki use the Red Camelia in one or two episodes. Anyway, I’ll go back to not writing blog entries, and leave you with a stitch I put together.



Oh man, look at those...mechanical components.