Episode 10 was delayed a week, and while the circumstances of said delay were most unfortunate, from an anime perspective, the time off added a little bit of depth to the fact that Yuu has been out of the group’s lives for about 5 months. Aikawa, Haruna and Sera are still looking for her.

Aikawa looks like he's gotten used to this by now.

I had wondered in episode 9 if Sera was going to become hunted. The Kyuketsu Ninja clan don’t waste anytime acknowledging traitors and hunting them down, as a conservative ninja attacked Sera before the start of the episode, and then Seras not even wanting to see Sera’s face after not following orders when she and Tomonori came along as the group was dealing with King of the Night. Seeing this scene, I’d really like to see (if there’s┬áSeason 2) a arc devoted to the Kyuketsu Ninja clan. Right now, the ninjas (including even Sera) just kind of feel “there” and that the anime could probably┬áprogress forward without them, especially considering that not once, but twice they let Yoru no Ou just casually escape.

Sera gets binded by Yoru no Ou's magic. Kinky~

Somebody didn't put together pieces L & K correctly.

This episode really needed a comedy kick, and in the midst of one of the sadder scenes of the series as Yuu didn’t take Aikawa’s hand, we get what will be one of Zombie’s more memorable moments, the parasite time bomb that switched heads. While the cliches of “which wire to cut” bit along with the time speeding up was there, it was really funny to watch the bomb randomly switch heads and the three of them try to figure it out what to do. As we all might have said to our TVs, Aikawa takes it upon himself to jump with the time bomb and explode. He’s a zombie, so he’ll survive (and I ask that you not try it at home).

The King's having a party, and Sera isn't invited.

The cleanup on this revival is gonna be damn tough.

Yoru no Ou gives everybody a little taste of his powers as his magical abilities are not only more well developed than Aikawa, but also more dark and sinister. Yuu no doubt feels like a prisoner to Yoru no Ou, but it’s probably all she knows to do in order to keep away from Aikawa. But really, how about you get away from his house, stupid! You’re trying to keep him safe, but you walk right up to his house? What is it you want, Yuu?

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