Lack of posting this  week is due to a bigger project that I will hope to release tomorrow, but for now as requested by Roy, a wonderful visitor and commenter of Anivision, I decided to fill the gap by releasing a top 5 list! As the spring 2011 anime season approaches its end, find out who the best of the season are! Well, at least who I think the best are.

5. Woodpecker (Ganta Igarashi) – Deadman Wonderland

It is hard to tell whether or not Ganta really is a badass.

Ganta was hard to gauge for my list, not because I didn’t know if I should add him, but what rank I should give him. I really like his character at times, but other times I just want to nail him in the nuts. He is a very interesting and dynamic character, but his pussyfooting around at times just pisses me off. I feel like his character is getting more forward as the series progresses, but it just isn’t going fast enough for me. I do like how he seeks out the “Red Man” and is looking for revenge for what he has done, but his attitude just lacks that of one who wants revenge. I want to see him get mad and get violent.

4. Yukio Okumura – Ao no Exorcist

I'd put my money on Yukio if they ever get in a fight.

You might be surprised that I picked Yukio over his brother Rin, but for me Yukio is a far more complex and interesting character. Being the brother of Satan’s offspring is no easy task, but in the latest episodes you really get a strong sense of who he really is and how he is trying to protect his brother. If you think about everything he has been through because of his brother it really is amazing that he still holds such strong feelings for him. He is the mature responsible one, but you still see poor judgement, deviant actions, and amusing sides to him. Plus he kicks a lot of ass with his dual pistols.

3. Makoto Niwa – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

How is it that he looks a hell of a lot cooler when he is wet?

If there was one break out character in the season it would be Makoto. I don’t know about you, but I expected next to nothing out of Dempa Onna and we got everything we could have every wanted out of it. Great characters, story, and animation. Out of those characters Makoto stands out. It isn’t because he has a unique personality, but that he goes with the flow so well. He stands out in the weird that is his life by playing into the fantasy’s and delusions around him and still manages to keep his composure and his sanity. If anything you have to have mad respect for him not giving into his youthful desires and just jump head first into the advances of his delicious 40 year old nympho aunt.

2. Keima Katsuragi – The World God Only Knows 2

Sometimes it is hard to like Keima.. I mean who wouldn't want a hawt teacher pulling on them like that?

It was easy for me to pick Keima as my second choice and in fact he was number 1 until I remembered that another character qualified for this list. His character in season one was great, but he lacked a lot of depth. He had troubles and difficulties in accomplishing his “conquests,” but they didn’t do much to challenge Keima as a gamer nor Keima as a character. This season from the get go we get more complicated girls and which push Keima to be not only one of the best characters of the spring 2011 anime season, but, I dare to say, of all time.

1. Gintoki Sakata – Gintama’

Never pass Gin-chan in line when he is trying to buy the latest copy of Jump.. Shit just might go down.

I feel like I am cheating when I select Gintoki and I didn’t even put him on my original top 5. I had to remove a character after I realized that Gintama’ actually started this season and I had to pick him as my top because even before this season started he was one of my favorite characters of all time. I am a known Gintama fan, but until you watch Gintama you just can’t grasp just how awesome he is. He has the perfect balance of irresponsibility, justice, and badassness. In the typical episode you can watch him scratch his balls while reading Jump, but when it is time to kick a bit of ass, that is what he does best. If you haven’t watched Gintama’ now is a good time to start.

Who are your favorites from the spring 2011 anime season?