I’ve wanted to talk about anime since we stopped doing impressions, but couldn’t think of a good way to cover every series I wanted to since we don’t have enough people writing for our site. So I decided to do a weekly impressions post that I will post on Saturdays or Sundays. It won’t cover any specific series, but I will write up a 1-2 paragraph impression for series that I have watched and feel like are discussion worthy for that week. I’ll also put them in spoiler tags just in case people are sensitive to spoilers of shows they aren’t watching because I know I get irritated when I come across them. If we are able to find some more writers I’ll drop this, but for now I will put my efforts into this. Normally I want to post it sooner than I am now, but the site was acting up the past few days so I stalled till it was fixed.

I wonder if there is anything sexual about a man staring into a girls eyes while penetrating her with his hand.

Dantalian no Shoka – 01: [spoiler]

I didn’t get to talk about this series when we did the preview since a decent sub hadn’t come out, but since then I have been able to watch it. I had some expectations for this anime and I a am glad to say that it met all of them. I couldn’t get into Gosick because the premise, characters, story, and cases all lacked in my opinion, and while this series reminds me a lot of Gosick, it doesn’t lack in those departments. It might be because this series has more of a fantastic element to it and even if the case or mystery fails to meet to my expectations, the fantasy allows me to give it some leeway. I am curious to see how the action will take shape as the series progresses. It was great to start off with such a large creature as a dragon, but now what do we look for? I am wondering how people who can control those books will work into the story, but for now I am glad to say I will look forward to future episodes.[/spoiler]

Hakase looks extra kawaii in an oversized school uniform..

Nichijou – 16: [spoiler]

I’ve been pretty vocal on our podcast that I don’t find Nichijou all that funny. Sure there are a lot of great gags and laughs, but more often than not I find myself not laughing. There just seemed to be a lot of misses and very few hits. However, since episode 14 I have found the show a lot funnier. Maybe all it took was Nano going to school to finally find the show constantly funny or it could be that watching animals get taken down by wrestling moves never gets old. I also found the cafe scene especially funny because I had that same experience. The first time I went into a Starbucks I had no idea what the fuck a venti was. I also lol’d hard at Yuuko visiting Nano and meeting Hakase. Such a perfect combination.[/spoiler]

"Should I prepare for the worst?" Kind of an obvious question...

Tiger & Bunny – 16: [spoiler]

Tiger & Bunny has proven to be one of the most surprising shows to have aired this year. Having absolutely no confidence in the show after hearing the premise, it has continued to astonish me as one of the most interesting anime that is airing at the moment. I am really liking the plot direction with Tiger losing his powers. This episode furthered that by making Tiger get beat in a rather pathetic way. It was also interesting to find that that Legend also suffered from the same thing. I was surprised to see that Lunatic’s father was Legend and he beat his wife after he lost his powers. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I really want to see how this all plays into each other. Next episode should be interesting because I really like the daily life episodes of the superheroes. I hope Tiger’s daughter doesn’t hate on him too much! He is going through a rather difficult phase right now.[/spoiler]

It might be good to invest in apocalypse insurance about now..

No. 6 – 02: [spoiler]

While the first episode left me wanting the second episode left me satisfied and curious. Starting right off the bat with a 4 year time skip and a complete change in Shion’s life was quite a blow. I am glad to see that there was some serious development and a shocking turn of events. Shion being caught up in some kind of experiment gone wrong will prove more interesting as time goes on. Nezumi mentioned that the world Shion lived in was just an experiment, but I wasn’t expecting a wasteland to be left of the real world. It has me thinking this show is a lot like Ergo Proxy, in respect to the ideal Utopia that is No. 6. Though, the best part of this episode had to be the interaction between Shion and Safu. I mean seriously, what man wouldn’t want a woman to tell him that?! Cut straight through the crap and innuendo, just give it to us plain and simple: “I want your sperm.”[/spoiler]

I think Happy regrets helping Gajeel about now..

Fairy Tail – 088: [spoiler]

The current arc Fairy Tail is in has proven to be very interesting. The fights are really great and I am expecting quite a good one between Lily and Gajeel. Lily is a pretty badass Exceed and I love the sword he uses to fight. I am hoping Gajeel busts out some new dragon powers. We have seen Natsu develop quite a bit and I am hoping to see some progression with Gajeel as well. Lucy’s fight was somewhat underwhelming in this episode. I’ve always liked Lucy’s fights because by using her spirits her fights are varied depending on the spirits she uses. My favorite is Virgo and I loved the comedic elements she brought to this episode, but nothing cool really happened. I didn’t even really understand the whip Lucy got from her either. Seemed somewhat random and out of place. Plus you would think using a whip like that would use magical power, but it is suppose to help her not waste her powers in between summonings? The other fight in this episode was Gray vs. the homo-knight and it was awesome. I loved how Gray just overpowered him breaking the key, but I am curious to where he got the motorcycle.. Was it a spoil of war after he defeated Racer or was it lying around in the park somewhere? I hope he can’t summon a motorcycle now.. that would just seem weird based on his current powers.[/spoiler]