The main Character and his Persona Izanagi. Think of Persona like magically manifested pokemon that are born from the depths of your soul and grow stronger based on the bonds you make.

Today I was lucky enough to see the live reveal of the latest trailer for Persona 4 the Animation over at (which I’ll post below) and my excitement for this series can’t be any higher. A number of things were revealed in this latest trailer that we haven’t seen before. First and foremost is the voice of the protagonist, Yu Narukami (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa), opening the trailer with the line “So this is where I’ll be staying for a year, huh?” During the rest of the trailer we get some scenes featuring side characters that you form relationships with in the game, a look at all the characters personas in action (minus a few that are kinda of spoiler related if you haven’t played the game) and a great clip at the end of Nanako singing the Junes theme song!

Best of all was the song playing during the trailer which the show’s official website confirms will be the opening theme for the show. The Op is 「sky’s the limit」with vocals by Hirata Shihoko, lyrics by Lotus Juice, and arranged by Shouji Meguro. The site also lists 「Beauty of Destiny」 as the show’s ending theme, again with vocals by Hirata Shihoko (this time featuring Lotus Juice), lyrics by Lotus Juice, and arranged by Shouji Meguro. To make things even better, the show’s twitter has revealed that P4A will in fact be a two coure anime meaning it should run about 24 episodes. That last bit I’m particularly happy about because I feel that it will be long enough to cover lots of plot but short enough to keep the show’s production values high throughout. I absolutely love the character design and art direction for Persona 4. Coupled with the great music and HD treatment, this is looking to be a winner. The P4A website has seen a major update so check it out. Below is the latest trailer. Fall can’t come soon enough.