Ladies and Gentlemen I have disturbing news to report to you.. There has been a Zombie outbreak and it is not safe to go outside. You should barricade yourself in doors and wait for help. If you encounter someone that you think to be a Zombie there are four signs to look for:

  • Aggression
  • Foaming from the Mouth
  • Deterioration of Motor Skills
  • Unbelievable Hunger

If you find someone demonstrating those symptoms, then take immediate action by shooting them in the head. If you do not own a gun or do not have enough ammo a strong blow to the head your next option. Some recommendations for weapons are: a baseball bat, metal pipe, crowbar, spear, 2×4, metal chair, katana, rebar, an encyclopedia, tire iron, bowling ball, metal lamp, or red ringed Xbox 360. Make sure they are dead by repeatedly smashing them in the head until movement ceases.

Tune into Anivision everyday this week as we will keep you informed about the Zombie outbreak. Everyday new Zombie based content will be released! From Monday through Thursday a new 30 minute podcast zombie themed episode will air, while on Friday a full blown news and discussion based episode will air. We will also be posting various reviews and editorials about our favorite Zombie anime, games, and tv shows.