Blood-C – 07 [spoiler]

As the mystery goes on, the most interesting thing happened in this episode or I just realized something that made this series more interesting to me. What I realize was that Blood-C actually takes place in the Clamp world itself, not just that it is being made by them. Last week when I listened to the Dog nothing came to my mind, but when I started listening to him this week and talk about owning a shop that grants wishes I started to put it all together. That dog is Watanuki from xxxHolic. I like Clamp and I am a big fan of the xxxHolic series, so I am much more excited to see Blood-C now that I know this is apart of the same universe. Clamp building its own universe was a brilliant idea in itself, much like how Marvel and DC have their own universes, it just feels like their stories are more connected. Still though, I really want something to happen. It feels like the pieces to the puzzle are being revealed at a slow rate so trying to connect them on a weekly basis is getting tiring. I just wish there would be more significant strides in the plot than just keeping the monster of the week formula.[/spoiler]

I had a nightmare after I saw this.

Hanasaku Iroha – 22 [spoiler]

As character development goes Hanasaku Iroha has gone from greatness to mediocre. I was looking forward to the drama that was upcoming, but watching it fizzle out to nothing just irritated me to no end. I thought Ohana’s problems with Ko had ended, but it just came back up and in a pathetic way. One sided loves are just that, one sided. It makes no sense for Ohana to say that she wanted to have a one sided love for Ko. Ko likes Ohana… That means the only thing Ohana has to do is come to terms with her feelings for Ko, then step up and tell him. It seems strange that they would come up now. Plus I disdain Tohru’s indecisive feelings. He likes her, but in a way that he wants to see what she would do next? What about his annoyed feelings when Ohana was meeting Ko in Tokyo? That was clearly jealousy over that.

Overall the episode wasn’t that good. I liked how they had a random friend preform the insert song. Was a good way to get it in there, but I hated the song. I don’t like it when girls sing in a squeaky  preteen voice. I will say that I found it interesting that Okami decided to close the Inn. I didn’t see that coming nor do I understand why. Saying that she wants to new generation to find their own paths in life seems rather contradictory to the message she has been preaching throughout the series. My hope that there would be more development has been effectively squashed and I doubt anything will really come of the characters by the end of the series, merely an ending of resolution for the characters themselves, which is a tiresome and overused formula.[/spoiler]

Usagi Drop – 08 [spoiler]

Usagi Drop is kind of a hard series to talk about on a week by week basis. You can only talk about how ridiculously cute Rin is and how pathetic Daikachi is so much. None the less it is still one of my favorite shows of the season. This episode was so enlightening because I feel like I have a grasp of who Rin’s mother really is. When we first met Masako I was under the impression that she was kind of a frivolous person. She didn’t want to raise Rin because she didn’t think she could handle the pressure so she pushed it off on someone else. It is interesting to see that she is pushing herself into her work in order to not only justify her not taking care of Rin, but also to punish herself. It actually makes me empathize for Masako. Also I am sure most of us are under the impression that Souichi, Daikachi’s grandfather, isn’t actually Rin’s father, but after that comment from Masako at the end, I am beginning to wonder.. Some women are into older men.[/spoiler]

I also wear a sailor shirt when I am late to something.

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni! – 08 [spoiler]

After leaving us off with a kiss between Yoshii and Minami, I was wondering what episode 8 would have in store for us and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I have always been curious about how all of them met and I actually thought that most of them knew each other before they even went to Fumizuki Academy. I laughed a lot during the introduction scene. The best was of course Yoshii when he came out wearing a sailor uniform shirt. The best episode of the season so far was easily the third episode when it flashed back to when Yoshii became the enforcer and this episode was very reminiscent to that episode. It gave us a stronger feeling of why Minami likes Yoshii and actually makes me root for her. I just didn’t feel the same effect when we learned about Himeji in the first season. Baka to Test is a very comedic anime, so it is nice to see it venture into the more serious romantic side of anime. Although I do wish that they had someone who could speak english work on Minami’s script. I always hate it when “native” english speakers speak terrible english and more so when the grammar is even bad.[/spoiler]

Alice's embarrassed faces is indescribably cute.. 😮

Kamisama no Memouchou – 08 [spoiler]

We have the conclusion to the current arc with this episode and I can thoroughly say… wtfbbqsauce. I can’t believe I got that wild-eyed theory correct. How is it that when Hison throws away her woman hood that she looks and sounds like a man? If it was a sex change I would’ve at least been somewhat settled, but just cutting her hair short wearing some glasses and pants shouldn’t make her look that much like a man. The design of her character should at least be much more feminine. I know that means more people would’ve guessed it right away, but at least it would feel more realistic. Overall the ending felt some what dissatisfying. Seeing all that blood all over the Fourth’s office and the doctors reaction made me feel like it was much more serious than what it actually was. Plus there was some connection to a Yakuza that Renji had that was never fully realized in the end. I will say that watching Narumi step up was awesome. I loved how he pulled rank on all of those guys. Narumi has been the star of the show and it is his character that is evolving and I am liking the progress he is making episode by episode. It feels like there is some real resolution to his character.[/spoiler]

Gintama – 222 [spoiler]

I just have one question for Japan.. Why is it that you don’t have to sensor Monkey shit, but human shit is free game. I understand if the shit is coming out of their butt, but them throwing it? Also, why is their shit yellow? Other than that it was a funny episode. Watching Balmug Fezalion, Isaac Schneider, and Hasegawa start throwing their own shit at Gintoki made me laugh to no end. I did think that it was about to go Planet of the Apes on us for a moment there. Also for those who don’t know, the end of the episode showed Kyubei and Jugem on the stage, that is call Rakugo. It is a type of Japanese storytelling that ends in a joke or a moral. I thought that was a very appropriate way to end it.[/spoiler]

I don't think I would ever let a frog shit out eggs on my back for my sister.

If you ever meet a RL girl like Ringo, run the other way..

Mawaru Penguindrum – 07 [spoiler]

If you thought Penguindrum couldn’t get any stranger, then you were wrong. For the most part Penguindrum played out the way I thought it was going to. It was obvious that Yuri and Tabuki were more than just friends, although I didn’t expect them to get engaged. Ringo’s reaction to him getting engaged was priceless. I feel really bad for Shouma and not because he had a frog shit out eggs on his back, but because Ringo and him are destined to get together. I started to understand why she was acting that way, but I think she went off the deep end. It was clever how they made us think that Project M stood for Momoka, but I still can’t believe that it actually stands for maternity. At the end of the episode she was ready to rape Tabuki, saying that she was going to give him the best thing a woman can give someone, IE her virginity. I can honestly say that I did not see that coming at all.[/spoiler]