It is a really good time to be a Persona 4 fanboy. There’s been plenty of news regarding Persona, but before we get to that, there’s a short PV that’s been airing recently that features some sweet new footage. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. The Persona 4 anime is scheduled for this October, and it can’t come soon enough.

As if the upcoming anime wasn’t enough, Atlus is giving fans more than they could have hoped for with Persona 4: The Golden and Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. While the games haven’t been officially announced, there have already been early magazine photos that leaked the info, and with Atlus putting up a site called a short while ago, using the font and color scheme of Persona 4 no less, it was only a matter of time before we found out. Starting with Persona 4: The Golden, this is going to be an enhanced remake of the original PS2 game for the PS Vita. This remake is promising new characters and voiced lines (including a newcomer voiced by Kana Hanazawa) along with new gameplay features that take advantage of Vita’s wireless features. The Golden seems to be much in line with Persona 3 Portable, but with the power behind the PSV, the graphical cutbacks made to P3P don’t seem like they’ll be affecting P4G.

Persona 4 The Golden on PS Vita.

Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is a completely different, yet still exciting beast of an announcement. This game will be an arcade fighting game by Arc System Works aka The Blaz Blue people. While it seems to focus mainly on P4, Aigis from Persona 3 is confirmed to be in the game as well.  Mayonaka Arena is already planned to be ported to the PS3 and Xbox 360. While the idea of a fighting game based on an RPG seems ridiculous at first, the fact that the people behind Blaz Blue are making it is more than reassuring.

Edit: Yep here’s some decent quality pics.

A battle from P4G. Rise and her Persona in the middle are actually on the battle screen, as opposed to her offscreen navigator role in the original game. I wonder how that will play out.

As seen in the previous image with Yosuke and in this one with Chie, looks like you'll be able to dress your party up in new costumes. I'm loving this chinese styled outfit for Chie, considering she's a martial arts nut.

Looks like P4G will have all kinds of new events, including this Haloween themed one.

To the delight of those that played the original, there's going to be more animated cutscenes as opposed to the Persona 3 PSP remake which had to cut out the animated scenes for space reasons. PS Vita is awesome.

Screens from the arcade version of Ultimate Mayonaka Arena. The characters Persona will join them in battle, just like in the RPG versions of the games. Also, word of mouth is that this is a sequel set two years after the original Persona 4. This looks awesome.

Already you can see the crazy flare we've come to expect form Arc System Works. This should look gorgeous in HD.

Mari on the left will be a new character in Persona 4 The Golden. Aegis on the right, originally from Persona 3, will be a playable character in Persona 4 Ultimate Mayonaka Arena.