The trailer is out, the information is live, and here is what I learned. The most disappointing thing is that it looks like you can’t dive. Diving was the greatest thing to come out of Black Ops and to see it gone here is very saddening. It honestly looks like most of this game is MW2 based. Large numbers of the improvements and modifications that Treyarch did are gone. The game does look good though. It doesn’t look like it will be significantly different from previous CoD games, but it is its own game .

Killstreaks, along with the Nuke, are GONE! They are now call strike packages and they are point based and not kill based, which means we will call them Pointstreaks from here on out. That is really awesome. They also have 3 versions of pointstreaks: Assault, Support, and Specialist. Assault streaks are all about the rewards. They give you big ticket items like AC130’s, Juggernauts, and Helicopters. They reset upon dying. Support is all about being a team player. You earn things like EMP, Air Drops, Remote turrets, and Ballistic Vests. These pointstreaks don’t resent when you die. Specialist is all about the elite player. You earn perks when you get points. You can run around with up to 6 perks by earning points. I don’t know if they reset or not. Personally, specialist sounds badass. I would love to run around with a shotgun and have Lightweight, Marathon, Ninja, Cold Blooded, Slight of Hand, and Steady Aim.

They have changed the type of pointstreaks too. You can directly drop a hacked air package, which I am not 100% sure about. I also saw that they had a controllable turret, which is pretty cool. The strangest of the additions are NPC killstreaks. You can call in Juggernauts and remote turrets. Calling in computer players is something that hasn’t been in CoD before. I guess you can say that helicopters and such are technically NPCs, but they aren’t on the ground.

No more commando, last stand, and one man army! There are a lot of new perks and some good ole’ fashion ones coming back. I really like how they brought back Overkill and it was a perk that I found use for several times back during CoD4. Right now I know of:

  • Old Perks:
    • Slight of Hand
    • Hardline
    • Sitrep
    • Scavenger
    • Overkill
    • Extreme Conditioning
  • New Perks:
    • Recon – Explosive damage paints the target on the mini map
    • Blind Eye – Undetectable by air support/sentries
    • Assassin – Undetectable by UAV, Portable Radar, Termal, Hearbeat
    • Quickdraw – Faster aiming down sight
    • Stalker – Move faster while aiming
    • Marksman – Identify Targets at longer range

Some of these perks are very interesting and thinking of all the combinations, especially with Specialist, makes my skin tingle. They also brought back deathstreaks, which a lot of people hated in MW2. I was surprised to hear that, but I saw that one was a speed one that allowed you to move quickly for a few seconds and I like that.

It looks like they have added all sorts of new equipment and attachments. We have a preview earlier about the double sights, but seeing them in MP is pretty cool. They also added Bouncing Bettie’s to MW3 and they are pretty interesting looking. I like how you toss them on the ground. They should prove to be annoying because they are a 360 degree pop. I just hope they require you to get really close. They also brought in Motion Sensors, which I like to use in Black Ops. I don’t understand why they also brought in Heartbeat sensors. Those were overpowered in MW2 and made you use Ninja as a perk. They never should’ve brought those back. Motion Sensors are enough. The flying helicopters are really awesome. We were told about them before, but they will allow you to locate and put people on the mini map, which is awesome. There is also some kind of sensor that will disable explosives and automated pointstreaks.

Weapon proficiencies have been added to CoD. That means the more you use the gun the better the gun gets. Things like sway, recoil, more attachments, and other things will be improved and reduced as you use the weapon. Every gun, including pistols, will have its own proficiency to it. I don’t know if I like that. That is giving those who play the game better stuff than those who don’t play as much. Perks, guns, and killstreaks don’t really change much when you get higher levels in CoD now. It is more a matter of preference than actually being better. Either way I’ll be playing the game enough that it won’t effect me much.

The biggest thing they promised us, at least in my mind, was that they were going to make the maps more like CoD4 and remove a lot of the verticality from MW2. I’ve watched gameplay videos from Dome, Underground, Arkaden, and Resitance, and overall it does remind me of CoD4. I can’t make that claim until I get my hands on it, but it does look like the maps are much flatter.

There are several new game modes, but the ones they showed off were Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Kill Confirmed is interesting because what you have to do is collect dog tags of those who have been killed. Killing them is not enough. This adds a new level of strategy to the game. Team Defender is a capture the flag variation. You must hold onto the flag as long as possible, instead of bringing it to a certain point. The flag can’t be returned either. Where it drops is where you must defend. I play CTF more than any other mode, so this sounds pretty interesting to me.

There will also be Private match game modes. This will allow some kind of custom game system that will allow players to make their own game variations. They have included some of their own and they are:

  • Infection – The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
  • Drop Zone – Hold the Drop Zone for Team Points and Care Packages.
  • Team Juggernaut – With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Juggernaut – Kill the Juggernaut to become the new Juggernaut.
  • Gun Game – Be the first to dominate with every gun.
  • One in the Chamber – Gain ammo by eliminating enemies. Be the last to survive.

This sounds like they are bringing wager matches to MW3 and a bunch of new modes. I am pretty excited about this and am looking forward to what the community creates.

MW3 Hardened Edition Xbox 360 is really funny. It is set up so that it makes noises based on MW3 when you do things like open the tray or turn it on. They released the sound files online so we can turn them into ring tones. I have them for you below~ The MW3 console also comes with 2 MW3 controllers. The rumor is that Harden Edition of the game will come with a year of Call of Duty Elite, which is enough to sell me on. You get every piece of DLC, including map packs, and all sorts of crazy stuff for free. That doesn’t include all the other cool things you get with the Harden Edition

That is all I have for you now, but if any new information surfaces you can count on me to let you know!

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