Curry cake? That sounds pretty gross.. She should've brought apple pie.

Mawaru Penguindrum – 08 [spoiler]

If you thought Penguindrum could not get any more intense, you would be wrong. This whole episode was about how far Ringo would go in order to make Tabuki her’s. If anything, for Ringo’s story this episode was the climax of it all. Watching Ring dress up as Yuri inorder to confuse Tabuki into doing it with her was a strange turn of events. Even stranger that she didn’t mind Shouma watching all of that unfold. If anything that was a somewhat brilliant idea to get Tabuki to sleep with her. I was curious to how she would do it with him if he was knocked out. Maybe she should’ve just slipped him more sleeping pills and stuck a few viagra in it so she could’ve done it with him while he was knocked out. I was somewhat surprised she didn’t answer the door naked because that would’ve done a lot of damage to their relationship if she found Tabuki with another woman.

The most intense part of Penguindrum are the wild endings and this week was the most unexpected of them all. I knew it was going to have to take something to get Ringo and Shouma together, but watching Shouma get hit by that car was something I didn’t see coming. All of this makes me wonder what exactly Masako’s plans are and what her Project M is. It is fairly clear that she is Manipulating everything, like by pushing Asami down the stairs and removing the memory of Kanba from girls he was involved with, but what is her objective? It looks like she is controlling the destiny of the Takakura males or maybe she is just trying to stop them from finding the Penguindrum by putting these obstacles in their way.[/spoiler]

It is nice to finally know what Inukashi’s gender is.

No. 6 – 09 [spoiler]

I am going to keep this week’s No. 6 impression short because it looks like next the shit will finally hit the fan next week and I’ll have a lot to talk about. The point I want to talk about this week is how long it has taken for anything to happen. I like No. 6, but it really has felt like the series has really done little in terms of story progression and character development. Last week we finally got some insight into No. 6, but it was an odd development. It is like suddenly Nezumi is the last survivor of a race that was wiped out to build No. 6. Also there was a mystical force that was destroyed and now it is looking for revenge. It just feels like that was forced onto us and doesn’t really fit into what we know about No. 6. Maybe it just has taken too long to get here, but the overall story feels strange now. Next week should prove to be the major turning point in the story and I am hoping that it makes everything come together better.[/spoiler]

You'd think they would at least put a face on H-01...

Tiger & Bunny – 23 [spoiler]

With two episodes left it is obvious that things are going to have to come to a head, but I am not quite that happy with the direction it is going. Having Bunny and Tiger go head to head was something I was looking forward to, but they really failed to deliver on that aspect. The worst of it all was watching Barnaby come out of being brainwashed by Tiger calling him Bunny. Are Maverick’s powers that weak? You would think that it would take much more than that. Bunny saw Maverick kill his parents and then he was with him for the next 15+ years, but it only took him 2 days for him to remember Tiger again. It was an odd scene in itself having Bunny full of rage coming down at him one second, then the next he is just standing there. What happened to that momentum? He was doing a leap kick at him, there should have been some kind of major impact. Anyway, that whole scene bothered me.

I think the ending is laid out for us and I doubt anything exciting will happen. I am hoping something more will happen with Lunatic and Legend. I feel like he was introduced to be a major player in the series and then he was forgotten soon after. I thought his back story was particularly interesting, especially when we learned that Legend wasn’t what he was made out to be. I feel like there needs to be some kind of closure with that storyline. There was a rumor that season 2 would happen. For that to happen something with Tiger’s powers would have to be done. The universe itself is big enough to support several spin offs. I think it would be cool for them to do something based off of the Heroes school. Have Tiger become an instructor there and make Kaede the main character as she learns to become a hero. She could be Wild Tigress![/spoiler]

I'm impressed that Aki didn't get a boner. Kuuko is pretty hawt~

Kamisama Dolls – 09 [spoiler]

So there was a new character introduced at the end of the episode. In a 12 episode series nothing feels stranger than a new person taking center stage. I am glad to see that she has some kind of desire toward Kyouhei because that man needs a break and big tits is too shy to admit her obvious feelings for him. The entire episode as a whole was pretty damn good in my opinion. I loved how it started with the detective harassing Utao. I am no fan of Utao, but that scene made me chuckle quite a few times. I like how all of the pieces of Kamisama Dolls are coming together. When you have so many moving parts to a story a lot of times things get messed up as everything comes together, but Kamisama Dolls is pulling it together quite well. I think learning of Aki and how he really isn’t all together puts a new spin on who he is. After the flashback episode I started to gain sympathy for his character and I started to side with him. I was surprised to see him still so attached to Chihaya. When he went berserk after he watched her die, I thought it was more of a reactionary thing because she sacrificed herself for him, but it looks like he actually had romantic feelings for her. The part of the story that has me most curious is Kuuko’s. I don’t have a full grasp of her psychotic self. It is obvious now that she wants Aki for his strength, but what for? Before I thought it was more of a scientific purpose. She has always been a type of anarchist, but I thought that was more of a personality, not someone actually looking to start a revolution.[/spoiler]

Working’!! -01 [spoiler]

Thanks to the preair I was able to catch the first episode of a show that I am particularly excited about for the fall season. Season 1 was a blast to watch and it was one show I really wanted more of when it ended. I even finished rewatching it a few days ago just so I could refresh my memory. As for the first episode, I felt like it was too much of a getting back into the swing of things episode. It took a lot of time to remind us who these people are and how crazy they are. I prefer shows just kick back into things and not waste time on that, especially when it is only a 12 episode series. Even still I couldn’t help, but love this episode. Taneshima is small and absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to see where Inami and Takanashi’s relationship head. If you don’t remember, the end of season 1 he actually started to think that she was cute. There was a bit of regression in this episode, but that felt more like them showing off Inami’s violent nature more than their relationship actually getting worse. This episode was great to watch, but it kind of sucks that there is still a month before the season actually starts. The one thing I noticed more than anything else was the animation. Even though season 1 aired last year, the video quality of the subs and the raws that this series was released in weren’t very good. I don’t know if the show was animated in HD, but what I do know is that it didn’t look like it was. At the very least this season most definitely is and that is great news.[/spoiler]