The most surprising out of the two big Persona 4 game announcements made by Atlus recently, Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena has been getting a lot of updates in the form of screenshots, and now an awesome PV to show the game off in action. The P4U website has been updated so give that a look. The trailer gives us some insight into how the game will play, and sure enough, it looks to be similar in a lot of ways to Blaz Blue. Also, up until now we’ve only seen Yu, Yosuke, Chie, and Aegis in screenshots, but the PV is our first look at Yukiko and Kanji, however brief. Also of note is the hilarious way that the announcer introduces the characters. The one that made me smile in particular was Yu’s intro as the “Hagane no Siscon Banchou” or “The Steel Gangster with a Sister Complex.” Yu’s confused reaction to that is just priceless. Was I excited for P4U before? Yeah, but now that I’ve gotten a good look at the game being played I am even more excited now. The game has also been confirmed to be playable in its arcade form at the Tokyo Game Show, so I look forward to hands on impressions from those in attendance.