Koi clubbing.. This could be a new thing. All you need is a bat and a fish.

Himari is such a tease~ <3

Mawaru Penguindrum – 09 [spoiler]

After the epic conclusion last week I was expecting this episode to be more on the line of Souma and his recovery, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them take it in a different direction. It kind of reminded me a lot of what Baka to Test 2 did this season and there is actually a connection to them both. I was told by Amuro that episode 9 of Penguindrum was directed by a SHAFT director and Baka to Test’s director also has worked for SHAFT. So I am guessing the shocking conclusion followed by a flashback episode comes from SHAFT. Kind of an interesting tidbit for you. Anyway, the episode it self was really compelling. We finally get not only an insight of what happened to Himari when she collapsed, but we also got a look into her past. It is nice to see when small pieces of a series come together, no matter how insignificant they are. I love how we got to see those idols throughout the series and now we come to find out that Himari could have actually been apart of their group if she hadn’t been sick. The ending animation now also comes into perspective.

I believe the most important part of Penguindrum 9 was the introduction of the pink haired librarian that we have seen in the opening sequence. He seems to be the mastermind behind all of this. I wonder who he really is, but I like his mysterious nature and almost god like quality to him. Like he was here to heal Himari, but her brothers must go trough trials in order to save her. Next week I hope to get to the situation regarding Souma because I am on the edge of my seat and I am really curious to know what happens next.[/spoiler]

Dantalian no Shoka – 09 [spoiler]

This episode had me hooked right away. The cell-shaded animation style grabbed my attention and I was fully focused on this episode. However, even though the style was perfect the story was lacking and it left an unpleasant feeling afterword. I loved how it left us in mystery throughout the first part of the episode. The strange girl in a distant land had me pondering what exactly was going on. The lack of focus on Dalian and Hughy wasn’t made up by Ira. Ira lacks a quality befitting of a main character. The world they were in wasn’t very interesting either. Also why did the book worms look like Praying Mantis’? I did find the idea behind the story interesting, but overall the episode was a flop.[/spoiler]

He took a day off of school to design that? It's not bad, but it shouldn't have taken that long to design.

Kamisama no Memochou – 10 [spoiler]

What started out as a somewhat uninteresting arc turned into something quite grim and quite frankly it broke my heart. I have been impressed by Memochou’s ability to dive into some of the more grim aspects of society. Most series don’t want to take on something as serious as drugs and addiction. Not only did it do that, but it even showed us a person addicted to those drugs, which is even rarer. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was Ayaka’s brother I would’ve lost interest in the episode. It felt kind of random and skipped one month’s time just like that. I did even get a glimmer of hope when I saw Narumi and Ayaka together, kind of like a romantic interest has bloomed. It really wasn’t until the last minute of the episode that I was completely blown away. In fact even righting this I am getting chills.

Even rarer than drugs, most anime rarely take on the complicated issue of suicide and I can not believe that Ayaka committed suicide at the end of the episode. I was in perfect disbelief and didn’t believe that it had happened until I watched the preview. Ayaka might not have been a main character, but she was a staple throughout the series and she was the one that connected Narumi to Alice. I have heard that a lot of times people don’t even recognize that someone is about to do it and I don’t think anyone here knew it was going to happen. I can only imagine how Narumi is going to react to this news and the next episode of Memochou will be saddening to watch.[/spoiler]

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No. 6 – 10 [spoiler]

I might have been expecting too much from this episode, but overall I did enjoy it quite a bit. Nezumi’s and Shion’s infiltration into the prison was pretty intense. I didn’t know what to expect when they landed, but I didn’t think it would be such a large pile of bodies. The smell and sight of all those people rotting should’ve been enough to drive anyone insane let alone having to climb them in order to escape. It gives much greater insight into Nezumi’s disposition. Shion’s enjoyment of the raid was very curious to me. There is obviously more to Shion, but his change of personality bordered on dissociative identity disorder, ie multiple personalities. After seeing that hell I’d imagine that you would have to block off the experience some how. Even more than Shion, watching Nezumi break down after watching Shion kill a man was something else. I am still curious about Safu and what she is like now. The next episode should prove enlightening on that fact, but I still have my doubts as to whether or not they are able to pull together No. 6’s story.[/spoiler]

Kamisama Dolls – 10 [spoiler]

After introducing us to a new character last week, this week we finally get to see who she is and I will be the first to admit, Mahiru is delightfully disturbing. The core of the episode was the flashback that revealed to us what the first scene in episode 1 was about and about the Doll that the old mad had in hopes that Kirio could control. The flashback takes us back to when both Aki and Kyouhei were Seki, and that is where they happen to discover a Doll that was hidden away. Mahiru reminded me quite a bit of Utao when she was younger. I felt like the funny faces she made kind of ruined the atmosphere of the episode, but when I think back to the face she made when she tried to control the doll, it actually made sense. That doll consumes the minds of people and I’d imagine that is what warped her personality into what it is today. I am also not surprised that she pissed herself. I probably would have too. Overall the fight was pretty amazing. Watching them run away from the doll which was overpowering them quite dramatically was pretty exciting. I am curious to find out what effect Mahiru will have on the rest of the series beside just making big boobs jealous.

The twist in the story was bringing in the representative to the story. He is looking to cause some hell with the Seki. I am not sure what his ultimate goal is and I am hoping that it isn’t something as unoriginal as taking over the world. Sure Seki are powerful, but I doubt that they can take on a modern army.. With Apaches, Tanks, Missles, and Unmanned Drones, I doubt a Seki with a wodden doll can really do that much damage.[/spoiler]