Lack of pictures this week is brought to you by my tooth ache, which is killing me at the moment. ūüôĀ Oh yea.. Except for Fairy Tail because even a tooth ache can’t stop me from loving to watch 2 hawt women take a bath together in a small tub.

Nothing like ending a series with two guys kissing during a sunset.

No. 6 — 11 (END) [spoiler]

No. 6 started off rough. The first episode was merely a set up episode for the rest of the series, which left a feeling of uncertainty of how good the series was. From that point on it did a great job of building a series that gave enough mystery in the story to keep the series interesting and it had characters that made you want to come back for more. However, the series really did fail to do something with that story and those characters that just ended up leaving a sour taste in my mouth. The problem with No. 6 was that in the last moments it decided that it wanted to be a mystical/magical anime. No. 6 from the start and for most of the series was about science and political science. The idea of an advanced civilization that is trying to establish a¬†Utopian¬†society through science. However, somewhere along the way it lost that and through in some strange mystical force. It teased us by giving us minor details on how No. 6 was founded, but never went into them. It never explained to us why Shion had two sides to him or what his mother’s¬†involvement¬†really was in the founding.

The series suffered for being only 11 episodes long. If we had a full 20+ episode series, then it could have gone into the founding of No. 6 and it could of eased us into the mystical force behind everything making it easier to believe. I understand now why Nezumi was effected by Elyurias, but Safu’s connection before she was experimented on makes no sense. All the plot holes just makes the series frustrating to think about. The Light Novel series is finished, but it is 9 volumes long and 11 episodes just aren’t enough to flush out the full story. I will admit I am curious enough to look into the light novels, but I don’t know if I want to invest that much into a series that¬†already¬†jilted me.[/spoiler]

Rin is too cute... I really hope we get to see more of her in the future.

Usagi Drop — 11 (END) [spoiler]

Usagi Drop was tied for my favorite summer anime. As much as I liked watching Daikichi and Rin the ending just didn’t leave me¬†satisfied. They decided to end the series with a character development for Daikichi where he came to the conclusion that while taking care of Rin is¬†difficult, the rewards of being a father makes it worth it. It was like reaching the end of your¬†appetizer only to find out there is no main course. I enjoyed the hell out of that appetizer, but I want my main course. Daikichi lived with Rin for only 1 year. That is only the tip of their relationship. That is the easy stuff! The hard part comes when she gets older because all daughters fight with their fathers. I also want to see where Daikichi and Yukari’s relationship heads. Being a Widow I bet a lot of drama would unfold with him trying to be with her.

So much is left that any ending really wouldn’t have done it for me. I really need more of Usagi Drop. I am almost ready to read the manga, but knowing that Production IG is behind Usagi Drop I am almost expecting another season. I don’t know if that will happen or not, but it is something I am ready to wait for. I’ll be keeping my eye on DVD sales to see whether or not they do well enough to¬†merit¬†a second season.[/spoiler]

If there is one thing I am going to miss about Tiger & Bunny, it is Blue Rose! Man she is just... mMMmm~

Tiger & Bunny — 25 (END) [spoiler]

Out of all the series that ended so far this one is easily the most disappointing. Tiger & Bunny was a gem because it was a series that most expected to be filth created in a way to inject a lot of advertisement¬†into anime. As the series progressed it was clear that this was a series worth watching. The ending however left much to desire and really just pissed me off. We finally get to the big finale between the heroes and Maverick, but it ends with an openly. First off the whole scene with Maverick was lame. He¬†causally¬†kicked a guy to his death then ran to the server room. He then manages to escape 7 heroes and a camera so he can take Kaede hostage. He isn’t exactly a fit¬†individual¬†so how did he manage to do that? Plus Kaede should have just used the 100 power she just got to break free. That whole bit just felt unnatural. I did find Tiger waking back up funny. No one did check his pulse, which is kind of the obvious thing to do. Don’t just assume someone is dead.¬†Also we never find out what Ouroboros¬†really is, but we do know that they are powerful enough to control our money?! Plus if the money gets wet the symbol becomes clear?! I think that would be easy to find out and would be all over the place. Someone is bound to get their money wet and then post all about it on the internet. For a secret organization they are pretty bad about keeping it a secret.

After the one year skip, nothing really sat well with me either. Tiger joining the 2nd league as 1 minute Tiger was kind of a lame conclusion to the whole thing. Tiger really should’ve just retired and found a new role for himself. I like my idea of him becoming an instructor of the Heroes school. It felt like the end was just too clunky and was setting us up for a second season. If the rumors are true then I am hoping that they fast forward a few years and let some new Heroes into the mix. I like Tiger, but 1 minute Tiger is about as lame as it gets. Tiger can’t be the main character unless he gets his powers back, but that would be a cop out to him losing them.[/spoiler]

And I quote, "It's Cold." No Duh, you're standing half naked on top of a building in a snowy area.

Sacred Seven — 12 (END) [spoiler]

This was a series I never could get into very much. There were moments I enjoyed a lot, but the overall project was just average. The ending wasn’t bad though. It was a bit rushed, but it worked together well and I liked how Knight gained Seven’s powers through Aoi. Kenmi proved to be a rather good bad guy. He pretty much manipulated everyone and I liked his evil nature. If anything the fight in the end was pretty lame, but that was something that Sacred Seven lacked throughout the anime. There really is potential to do more, but I don’t think that it would do the series justice because we already learned everything we needed to know and the conclusion was¬†satisfying enough.

Oh wait… There was one major question left unanswered. IS FEI A BOY OR GIRL?! I was leaning on the side of a girl, but after taking a look at Fei’s chest, I assume the lack of nipples meant that Fei was a boy, but that could be that they made it so we couldn’t see nipples so they didn’t need to be edited out. It looks like one mystery will remain unsolved for Sacred Seven.[/spoiler]

It should be a crime to make a loli sad.

Kamisama no Memochou — 11 [spoiler]

I am saddened by Memochou. Not like I was last week when I was lead to believe that Ayaka had killed herself, but because she didn’t actually die. When a character isn’t put into the ground that means they will be back. The “Doctors” might say that she will never wake up, but it will happen. In fact it will happen on the last episode and it will be the last scene of the anime. When a series sets it self up like this and won’t allow a character to die, then I just can’t get behind it 100%. Everything I felt feels cheapened and I lose faith in the series. The only way it could make it up to me is if she awakens with permanent brain damage. That could be an interesting twist and I would love to see what would happen with that development, but the series is only 12 episodes long so we would need a sequel. I will say that even though my emotions where cheapened, the plot twists kept my interest. It was rather shocking to find out that Ayaka had been growing plants to make the drugs. Frankly the plot of this arc was obvious, but that was something I didn’t see coming. Narumi still manages to keep Memochou good with his character development. I really like how he is coming along and can’t wait to see more of that.

Oh yea.. Who does study abroad in Iran? I guess it makes sense if you are creating an opium drug to sell on the streets, but I don’t think any major universities have that course of study.[/spoiler]

Depressed Canna is quite sexy.

Fairy Tail — 97 [spoiler]

The Edolas Arc might be over, but the new arc is already proving to be pretty interesting. I was surprised that they jumped right into the arc seeing as the arc is still ongoing in the manga. I was expecting there to be a number of filler episodes. It seems like all major Shounen series are at one point or another going to have an exam like arc, but Fairy Tails’ looks like it will have a major outcome in it. I’ll admit that I looked up who the Wizard was in episode 96 and I won’t spoil it, but DAMN. That brief scene of Charle looking into the future makes me believe that someone is going to die. I have my money on Doranbolt because a character like that introduced so late in the game tends to be the one that is going to die. I love the idea behind the partners and I want to see them work together. I don’t know why¬†Juvia and Lisanna would team up. Just thinking about their powers they just don’t seem like a good match. Plus Lisanna just came back after 2 years of not using her powers, so jumping into something like this just feels awkward. I love that Levy and Gajeel teamed up even if I don’t understand why Levy was picked over Gajeel for the S Class Trials. I don’t understand why Canna was picked too. There is obviously some story behind everything, but during the Fighting Festival Arc she was just too weak. I can’t imagine that she has been strong enough to be taking the S Class Trials for 5 years already.[/spoiler]