I decided to bring back Fairy Tail episodic blogging, however I won’t do it the same why I use to. Instead of blogging a long post, I’ll instead write a short post and put lots of pictures in it. Shounen shows are just hard to blog on a weekly basis, which is one reason I stopped doing Fairy Tail to begin with.


Was it just me or did anyone else notice all of the "jiggling" going on? And don't get me wrong, I do approve.

Episode 90 started off really good. I laughed a lot at the opening with them all sitting on the boat hot as hell. It was nice getting a look at all the ladies in their bikinis, although I was sad that Juvia wasn’t in one. The funniest part of the episode was seeing Gray butt naked letting his junk just hang out there, while Juvia was having a visual feast just looking at him. It feels like it has been a while since that has happened. Overall the episode really wasn’t that good. The main reason was the comical fight between the girls and the male part of the Raijinshuu. Freed running away from women in bikinis was funny at first, but it got so overused that I didn’t enjoy it that much. Lucy against Bixlow was annoying to watch as well, although “Lucy Kick” is an awesome finishing move. Needless to say I was glad to find out that they threw the fight because, while I do think comedic fights are fun to watch, this one would’ve been far better if they did a serious rematch between the two.

I will say that the ending of the episode got me pumped up. I loved how Natsu entered “E” because he wanted to fight Ezra, however, having him get Gildarts was way better. When I saw him got excited and blurted out, “Natsu is so screwed.” I am hoping they have a full fight and it doesn’t get interrupted somehow. Gildarts is a strange character because he was introduced so late into the series and he has a pretty sizable roll in it. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode.

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