Jrow and steev join forces to bring an all inclusive One Piece EXT episode where we talk all things related to the Anime and Manga.


*This is a spoilercast on both the series and manga*

  • What do we think of One Piece?
  • Anime discussion
  • Manga Discussion
  • Movie Discussion
  • New World
  • Marry Boff Kill
    • Nami, Vivi, Robin
    • Margueritte, Keimi, Conis
    • Nojiko, Kaya, Taishigi
    • Boa Hancock, Jewelry Bonney, Hina
    • Miss Doublefinger, Miss Valintine, Miss All-Sunday
    • Perona, Kalifa, Alvida (Post Devil Fruit)
    • Dadan, Kokoro, Lola (Pirate)
    • Okama Version: Bon Clay, Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma
    • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji
  • Where do we see One Piece headed?
  • How do we think it will end?
  • Favorite things in One Piece

Bonus Content!

Download link to the One Piece music used in EXT 002: MediaFire

Jrow’s One Piece┬áMerchandise:

Jrow’s Strong World & Alabasta Luffy figures sit in his office

Jrow’s Sanji, Impel Down/Marineford Luffy and Trafalgar Law.

steev’s One Piece Merchandise:

steev couldn’t find his camera, so he had to use his phone… But hey, the figures still look awesome! ­čśŤ

Some of steev’s merch is on loan at the moment, but this is what he has at the moment~

Album Artworks:


steev made 3 because he couldn’t make up his mind on which one he liked best.


  • Opening: “Run Run Run” by Otsuki Maki (One Piece)
  • Ending: “Dear Friends” by TriPlane (One Piece)