In an effort to bring more content to everyone I am starting a new editorial that is going to highlight great videos, podcasts, music, and anything else that can be put on a playlist. This won’t necessarily be a weekly thing and hopefully the other writers here will also make their own playlists in the future. Today I am bringing you my playlist Epic videoZ, which has 5 videos that I have seen recently and thought I would share it with everyone.

1) Epic Cosplay Action

GatAttack has been a guy I’ve been following on YouTube for about 6 months. In this video he visits The FanExpo 2011 in Toronto and randomly asks these cosplayers to do some things. These were not rehearsed either, they were done on the spot. GatAttack has some pretty cool videos other than this one, you should check them all out.

2) Bakemonogatari x Kamisama Dolls Opening

This is a video Jrow shared on twitter the other day. I thought it was so cool that I decided to share it here in case you missed the tweet. Someone named Yamada-kun-san, awesome name btw, made this video by taking the Kamisama Dolls opening and mixing it with Bakemonogatari. If you haven’t seen Bakemonogatari then you are missing out on one of the best anime of all times.

3) Gotham City Impostors

This is a trailer for an upcoming first person shooter arcade game called Gotham City Impostors. It is based off of a comic book series and should be coming sometime in the first quarter of 2012. It is being made by Monolith Studios and will be available on XBL, PSN, and Windows. Needless to say this game looks pretty cool. I read it will support up to 8 players. So it should have some pretty badass multiplayer action. I just hope it won’t cost too much being that it is an Arcade game.

4) Saints Row: The Third – Mascot Shooting

I was a big fan of Saints Row 2. It had its problems, but overall it was an incredibly fun game. It took the gameplay mechanics of GTA and added an arcade like quality to it. As you can see in this trailer, it has a lot of sadistic and pervered humor too it, but that is why I love it! I am super excited about The Third coming out in November. Unfortunately due to all the other games coming out this one will have to wait, but I do plan on getting it sometime in the future.

5) Diddy Kong Country

Dorkly always has the funniest videos, but this one recently caught my eye. If you don’t know Dorkly now is a good time to start. They have the best videos on the web when it comes to old school gaming.