I lol'd hard when Loki's head started glowing.

This weeks episode finally takes Fairy Tail into the tripple digits. I can hardly believe that it has been airing that long. And with that said, Episode 100 took a turn for the interesting. The name of the episode was Mest and he was a character that puzzled me when he first arrived. It was like suddenly there was this new powerful guy that use to be a disciple of Mystogan. Just didn’t settle with me right away. I really liked his character at the start of the episode. He fits right into the Fairy Tail world. I was expecting a much more serious guy too. The fight between the Mest pair and Gray pair was pretty disappointing. I was hoping Wendy would use her powers to boost Mest, but he was spectacularly weak, well so I thought. I did like watching Gray and Loki team up. They make a great combination and I hope we get to see it again. Getting back to Mest. It was right after the fight I knew something was wrong and that is when everything starts to come together. If I can give credit to Fairy Tail for one thing it is that the story seems to always come together nicely. It has a lot of working parts, but they move very well. I imagine the mangaka keeps some kind of flow chart on hand so he can remember where he is going and what he is doing. It appears that he is here to find out or capitalize on some kind of big Fairy Tail secret. I wonder if it has to do with the grave stone of the founder. I can’t wait to see what kind of powers Mest really has and what his plans are. I wonder if it has something to do with our mystery guest.

You know you're in trouble when your strongest punch gets stopped by one hand.


Getting back to the S Class trials, I must admit I am not too fond of them. The trials seem so ordinary. Routes that have battles and a find the grave stone? You’d think that there would be more to being an S class wizard than this. The fight between Mirajane and the Elfman pair just didn’t do it for me. It was too short and had a pathetic outcome. It was funny though, but you’d think that Mirajane would put more effort into a fight that comes with the prestige of S Class. I do like the pairs that made it. I didn’t quite expect Juvia to be knocked out so soon, but the pair didn’t make much sense to begin with, so it makes sense that they lost.


I hope next week enlightens us a bit more on what is going on. Who Mest is and why he is on the Island? Also who is the mystery guest and why does he know Natsu? I didn’t expect Natsu to come in contact with him so soon. I just hope they give us some flash back instead of teasing us more with vague references. I do hate Flags now though.. When we were recording episode 101 with him he made the comment that Ishida Akira was gay because a lot of the characters he voices are too femine. Ishida happens to voice the mystery man and hearing him cry out for Natsu, I can’t stop thinking about some boys-love doujinshi with the two of them in it.

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