Natsu is right, a black scarf just doesn't go with his outfit. Color coordination is very important.

This weeks episode of Fairy Tail sets up the ground work for the rest of the arc and we finally find out who our mystery man is. I already knew who he was since I read a spoiler about it, but it will probably surprise those who don’t know… Zeref! Yes, the all powerful evil wizard has been reincarnated! It seems like Zeref has been in the series for a long time now since he has been mentioned since early on, but finally getting a face to the name is surprisingly underwhelming. I am curious how he came to know Natsu still. Originally I thought it was during the Natsu v. Jellal fight, like Zeref saw Natsu through Jellal’s eyes, but it seems like there was some kind of interaction when Natsu was young.


He looks like the final boss in a Dragon Quest game.

With the announcement that the mystery man was Zeref, we also got to find out about Grimoire Heart and we got to see all the players for the arc. I did think it was funny how they gave us a history lesson about Fairy Tail. It is pretty obvious that Fairy Tail was already on the guilds radar since they even thought they had a spy on the guild. Getting back to the members of Grimoire Heart, there was some interesting faces, but overall I won’t be impressed yet. There does seem to be a lot of animal-like creatures there. Capricorn was also there and if you don’t know that is a Zodiac Sign, so I am guessing we already know who Loki is going to fight. It only seems natural that Zodiac’s fight each other. Also I figure the heat guy will probably fight Gray. I can already see the lines, “I fight someone way hotter than you!” Anyway, Grimoire Heart trying to capture Zeref seems like an interesting plot. I am just curious to why they want him also how they know where he is.. For a hidden island, it is getting a lot of attention.


Why do I get the feeling that there is going to be a rape doujinshi based on this situation?

The comedy in the episode was fantastic. I loved how we got to find out that Natsu is really big on appearance and color coordination. Who would’ve thought? Juvia cavorting with Ezra is proving to be a very interesting combination. I can’t wait to see them team up to fight. The music of Fairy Tail has always impressed me. It’s Celtic and Western European style really plays well with the series, but the music in this arc has really stepped it up an octave. It feels more vibrant and I loved the vocal background to it. It added more feeling to each scene and made the show stand out. I even loved the electric guitar stuff that was added to remind us how badass Gajeel is.

Finally, I am looking forward to the next episode quite a bit. Gajeel’s last fight with Lily was far from satisfying. I also want to finally see Levy in action. We’ve seen a lot of her, but never any fights. I am curious to see how her magic works in combat.

Why do I get the feeling that there is going to ALSO be a rape doujinshi based on this situation?

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