For impressions on the First episodes of UN-GO, Guilty Crown, and Last Exile check out part II of the Fall Preview.


Hunter x Hunter – 03 [spoiler]

They finally arrive to the Hunter Exam and this is where it all begins. You get a good look at all the major players for the next several episodes. In the original series the exams took up the first 33 episodes, so expect pretty much this entire season and then some will be about them, but don’t worry, not all of them will be running exams. Personally, I am not too fond of the first two exams, but the rest are great. Getting back to the contestants, my favorite secondary character has arrive and his name is Hisoka, the crazy looking clown guy. He is one of the best psychopaths that you will ever meet. I am a bit sadden that they didn’t get back Takahashi Hiroki to do the voice because he does such a great job in the original, but I have faith that Namikawa Daisuke will do a fantastic job of making Hisoka sound really creepy and insane. We also got to meet Killua for the first time and once again I am amazed at how much the new voice actors sound like the old ones. They didn’t really skip any content this time around, but looking at the preview it looks like some will be skipped in the next episode, which is a shame because it gets a bit into the character’s pasts.[/spoiler]


Kanba is sitting 3 inches away, do you really need both the laser sight and the scope?


Having a wife that is into girls is actually a good thing... Can you say threesome?

Mawaru Penguindrum – 14 [spoiler]

Holy balls, who saw that coming?! I guess with the name Yuri we should have known that she liked girls. I knew something was wrong with her after she saw Tabuki crying out for Ringo and she didn’t even blink about it, but I didn’t quite expect this turn of events. I don’t know if I can buy the fact that she was the one on the motorcycle. It just doesn’t add up. She was in the apartment when they left and there wasn’t much of a time difference of when she dropped the diary after leaving. For her to go down, change clothing, and get her bike ready all in that time frame seems forced and somewhat inconceivable.

Going back to the start of the episode, I really want to punch Shouma in the face. Pushing away Ringo like that annoyed me to no end. He is telling her that there is no way that she could ever forgive him for what his parents have done, while she is standing there forgiving him  nor does it even matter to her. Personally, I believe that their parents actually defused the bomb that was found. That was why it didn’t explode. Maybe the didn’t know what they were doing or they had a change of heart. Kanba’s side of the story is getting more and more interesting. I am curious to find out what jobs he is doing for that secret organization. I will say that he was badass when he defeated Masako with a single swipe of the legs. I want to see some more fight scenes with him.[/spoiler]

Note to self: Don't piss off Fear.


C3 – 03 [spoiler]

I kind of wish I talked about episode 2 last week, but I didn’t get around to watching it until the Monday after I posted The Times. Lets just say that this show went from an ordinary slice of life series to a violent action series and I am loving it! Last week Konoha turned into a sword and Haruaki grabbed her and started kicking some butt. This week Fear went berserk after watching him get hurt and started owning. I was surprised when she pulled out a guillotine and cut that woman’s arm off. It was disappointing that it got censored out though. Fear’s new sadistic side has definitely made me like her character a whole lot more now. It feels like she actually has more to her than pretty much every other moe tsudare character. Now that the action side of things have kicked in I can definitely forgive it for being such a copy-and-paste harem anime.

The music kept strong throughout both episodes making me even more anxious to get my hands on the OST. I also loved the animation style that Silver Link used keeping it both really dark and stylish.[/spoiler]

I like how the girls are always the main dish...


Ben-To – 02 [spoiler]

I am loving this series still, but I don’t see myself talking about it every week. I did like how they kept the character progression really strong in the second episode. Already Satou is starting to kick a little ass. Satou is proving to be a very strong lead. I love his side comments and narriation. It adds a great depth to the series and reminds me a lot of series like Dempa Onna and Bakemonogatari. It was funny how they keep pushing the sega fanboy side of him. It is such a random trait to his character that makes me laugh when I see things like a Sonic wallpaper on his phone. The Wizard was a really cool character too, but that is mainly because he is voice by Miyano Mamoru. I would have his babies. Sen is quickly becoming my favorite female character of the fall 2011 season. She has this erotic side to her that counter balances her cold nature. When she smiled in episode 2 I think I feel in love with her and yes, I would love to get stepped on by her too. <3[/spoiler]


Shakugan no Shana III – 02 [spoiler]

I am starting to get a bit confused.. Yuuji becoming the leader of the Guze no Tomogara was an interesting turn of events, but now we’ve come to learn that he is being possessed by their leader. In the previous two seasons there was no mention that their leader needed a new body so this feels like a strange outcome. If there was at least some mention or an arc about them trying to revive their leader, then I could feel more confident about everything, but as it stands I don’t know what to really think. Also they said that Yuuji wouldn’t come back to the city, but he comes back to the city. Maybe it was a poor translation, but I am hoping that this is a quick stop for him. I like the idea of them moving west and getting a change of scenery.[/spoiler]


Fate/Zero – 03 [spoiler]

Lots of things were revealed during this episode. The most surprising was that Emiya is a much more devious guy that I imagined. I know he is an assassin, but watching him with Ilya I got the impression that he had this kind fatherly side to him. Now that I know he is just using Iris and has another lover or another person he is just using as well I think he is kind of a douche. I will say that I was impressed with his bag of weapons. Seems like he has some great toys to play with. Being a CoD player I liked how I could recognize them all. The other surprise was seeing that Kirei doesn’t just have one servant. I knew that there was no way he was out of the game so early, but seeing him have a couple dozen assassins at his command is pretty impressive to say the least.[/spoiler]