I can barely remember what happens to one character let alone twelve...

I’m following Mirai Nikki as a weekly episodic blog, but I thought I would create a character breakdown page that provides information on the players. I will update it weekly using the information provided by the anime and won’t give off any spoilers past the current episode. Use it as a reference guide if you want information on any of the characters or are looking up something and don’t want to accidentally spoil something by visiting a wiki page that covers the manga or anything. It is simplistic, but it helps me keep track of everything and I hope that it will help you as well. To view the page you can find it in the Navigation drop down menu below the banner. You can also find it by clicking the link below. I left the comments closed on this post, but feel free to comment on the character breakdown page itself.

Anivision’s Mirai Nikki: Character Breakdown page.

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