If there ever was a time were I was happy that I decided to blog Mirai Nikki, this would be it. The majority of the episode seemed normal, but the ending was something that put this series on a grand scale and has made me excited to see what happens next. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The two sides of the story was told beautifully. I liked how it switched between the more lighthearted love story and the more serious side of 9th trying to escape. The two sides contrasted well and were brought together in the slightest ways to make the episode click that much more.


We got to see a bit into Uryuu’s past. The war torn country history is a pretty generic angle when it comes to psychotic characters, but it does give some light into who she is. It also makes sense to why she uses bombs. Although, it seems like it would’ve been a better fit to have a “survival” diary instead since she probably had to struggle to stay alive when she was younger. I don’t think she is gone yet, even though she appears to be captured at the end of the episode. I still get the impression that she is the kind of character that sticks around for a while.


That really does look like it hurts...

With 9th trying to escape we get a peak at the 12th diary owner. When I saw his blacked out self I was trying to figure out which he was from the peaks we had during the first episode. I started to figure it out after I saw the bag on his head. I kind of lawl’d for a minute though. I was impressed at how brutal the imagery was. I didn’t expect for them to show us the poked out eye like that. Most series wouldn’t go there. I am interested in who he is, but I am guess that he has something to do with either a doctor or a psychiatrist. Using pills and offering to help her get better gives me that impression. I’m not going to update him just in in the Character breakdown since nothing was revealed about him.


In my book, there is nothing more romantic then a kiss on the forehead like this.

Like myself, I am sure that you started to fall for Yuno during this episode. It was great watching them go on the date and I didn’t hate the fan service at all. The first half of the episode was all about building Yuno and Yukki’s relationship. I found it interesting how they interacted a year prior to the current events. I don’t think that was the key event that started Yuno on her the path to her obsession with Yukki, but it did give us great insight into her character. I really started to like Yuno’s forwardness, whether it was the kiss on the head or sharing an umbrella, she started to be the ideal girlfriend. The scene with them on the farris wheel was really romantic and made me think that there was going to be a nice love story in this anime.


If you were wondering, now is the perfect time to panic.

Of course that is before Yukki opened the door… I follow a few life rules myself. One of them is never to open a door that looks like that. The tape and beat up walls should’ve been a dead give away. I loved the classic reveal music that was used too. The creepiness of Yuno from the first episode has not only come back, but it has come back in an all new way. I don’t know about you, but seeing her peek through the mail slot freaked me out. And I loved it! I really can’t wait to see how all of this plays together. I want to know how this changed the game and what exactly has this done to effect all of the players so much. All it took was opening one door.

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