Today a trailer for the Black Rock Shooter TV anime was just released showing off some of the animation, and also showing credits, but censoring all of the names.

We’ve known about huke and Ryo from Supercell being involved, same for Ordet studios who will be in partnership with Sanzingen. If you’re not aware of Sanzingen, they do 3D graphics work, and you can see their résumé which includes Gurren Lagann and more recent series Tiger & Bunny and Mawaru Penguindrum.The CG work shown off in the trailer is not impressive, but hopefully the action scenes will play out as good as they were in the OAV.

What we don’t know is the rest of the staff. Some letters of the director’s name can be seen, but everything else from animation director to story is all scratched over. No seiyuu castings have been revealed.

Black Rock Shooter will only be 8 episodes, bucking the more common trend of noitaminA shows being 11 episodes. That’s not all too bad. Short, sweet and to the point. They are bringing back something I didn’t want to see return: the parallel world. Mato & Yomi look to come back and be human versions of BRS and Dead Master. Don’t mistaken my disappointment for the possibility of a good story in BRS; I just want to see Black Rock Shooter fighting and not have screen time stolen by boring reality.

Couple Extra BRS pics. Those hot pants…