This week is a Special Edition of the times. Instead of typing out impressions I am instead putting in pictures, lots of them! I hid them in spoiler tags, so feel free to look at the series you watch. There should be some good ones if you want to keep them.

The best choice really was to run..

Hunter x Hunter – 05 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=87][/spoiler]

I was wondering how he was going to fight with a chariot...

Fate/Zero – 05 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=88][/spoiler]

Yes, you take your long hard arm and penetrate it into Souta's void. Do it good and hard.

Guilty Crown – 03 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=89][/spoiler]

Ben-Tou is quickly becoming the most delicious show of the fall season.

Ben-Tou – 04 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=90][/spoiler]

Didn't anyone learn from Index that loli-nuns are the quickest way to ruin an anime?

Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai – 04 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=91][/spoiler]

For those who don't watch Gintama.. Yes, this is the title character grabbing onto a dead guys penis, amongst several other penis looking creatures, getting his own penis grabbed by the widow, while falling off a truck.

Gintama – 231 [spoiler]

[nggallery id=92][/spoiler]