Did anyone else get a Yoda vs Emperor Palpatine vibe from this fight?


This week we have a match up of the two Fairy Tail Guild Masters. I was surprised at how badly Makarov got beat by Hades. It was inevitable that he would get defeated, since it wouldn’t be much of an Arc if they got whooped at the start of their attack, but I didn’t think that it would be so one sided. It was interesting to see dark vs. light, but overall the fight didn’t leave much impression on me. I doubt it is over, I bet Makarov will comeback for something because I don’t think anyone else is on Hades level. Maybe there will be some kind of fight we Zeref v. Hades or they will all get away, but I can’t imagine that it will end like that. It was more curious when he called out to his successor and it showed Laxus. I wonder if that means Laxus will come back, but I have my doubts on that. If anyone was to succeed Makarov I would put my money on Gildarts. He is the most powerful one in the guild, next to Makarov, plus he has a father-like disposition. I defiantly want to see a full on fight with his powers. Just the small taste we had during his fight with Natsu made me tremble.


This is a far better take over than the big purple bunny... I definitely approve of this~


Other than that, nothing much happened in this episode. We got to see the pairings of the next few fights. I was a bit surprised that Natsu got pared against Zencrow. I know that he is a fire type, but I figured that meant he would fight Gray. It should be interesting how Natsu fights him, given that he has black flames. I figured Loki would fight Caprico.. I mean come on.. It isn’t hard to figure out that Caprico is Capricorn a celestial spirit. He even looks like the other spirits. Either way, that should be an awesome fight. When they changed our signs last year I turned into a Leo, so I am behind Loke 100%! Not sure about Ezra and Juvia teaming up against the little girl. Seems like overkill to team up those two against one. The others have their match ups as well. So the next few episodes should be filled with great fights.

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