This late edition of the times is brought to you by AMC’s new show Hell on Wheels. I didn’t really like it that much though… It was alright, but nothing really stood out to me. I think I’ll stick to just The Walking Dead and Dexter on Sunday nights. Anyway~ This week had a lot of great anime, but I can only pick a few to do. You might notice there has been a lack of Penguindrum as of late, but I haven’t really found the last few episodes all that impacting. Ben-Tou and Fate/Zero have been proving themselves to me as they have become two of my favorite shows of the new season. Hunter x Hunter is still up on my list, especially now that the first two tests are over and the good stuff can finally begin.


You shouldn't insult a woman carrying 4 big ass knifes.. Not to mention having a partner the size of a whale.


Hunter x Hunter – 06 [spoiler]

As I mentioned, the first two Hunter Exams are easily the worst two. They are kind of lame and nothing major happens. From here on out the final 3 tests are going to be pretty good, so you can expect much more from Hunter x Hunter. I am glad the cut what they did from the second exam. It was needlessly long and they spent an entire episode making Sushi… Yea, Sushi. Not much else to say, other than I hate the new hair color they gave to Menchi. Sounds vain, but she had pink hair in the original and it was hawt~ I hope they keep the scene on the Airship when Leorio accidentally walks into Menchi when she is wearing a nighty… A sexy see-through nighty.[/spoiler]


Fate/Zero – 06 [spoiler]

All I can say is wow. The quest for the holy grail is on and the battles are heating up nicely. When Emiya blew up the entire building my mind got blown away. It was such a great scene as well… Archibald is sitting there telling us how there is no way they can get to him because of all the traps and barriers that they set, then next thing you know he takes out the whole building. That is a good way to kill someone, but I do have my doubts that he is dead. Seems a bit too early to knock out one of the players, plus we have to have the follow up fight to archer v. saber. None of us would be satisfied if they left it as is. It was also great seeing so much of Kirei in this episode. Honestly I don’t remember too much about him from Fate/Stay Night, but I do recall him being a badass and being Gilgamesh’s master. Watching him in this series gives us more perspective to who he is and what he is trying to accomplish. I found his chat with Gilgamesh quite interesting. I guess it makes more sense to why Kirei uses Gilgamesh in Fate/Stay Night.[/spoiler]


Working’!! – 06 [spoiler]

This season of Working really hasn’t done it for me. There have been a couple of good episodes, but overall it hasn’t been as good as the first season, however, episode 6 brought back all the greatness of the first season. The introduction of two new characters helped a lot, but the comedy just hit all the right notes. I don’t think I would like them if they appeared in every episode, but I liked their clumsy personalities. Watching Yohei get punched by Mahiru was funny. I loved watching Takanashi struggle over being taken off of Mahiru duty. I really want to see more of their relationship take form, but it nice to see some progress. It was great watching Taakanashi getting punched as well. I always love that over the top animation style. I hope the rest of the season keeps this level of intensity.[/spoiler]


Satou is one lucky bastard.

Ben-Tou – 05 [spoiler]

This show is funny in all the right places and has the action to back it up. I don’t think many other anime would have the main character being chased down by a security guard wanting to shove a battery up his ass or having him get a boner because he believes he had sex with an older girl. The new character is pretty funny, although I am not behind the cruse thing too much, but it should prove to be hilarious at times. The most interesting part about Ben-Tou is having an anime about such a ridiculous idea actually work. I am even enjoying this plot where they are trying to take over the entire city and start a war over half priced food. I will say that Satou is the one driving the anime. I like how cool he has gotten and I look forward to watching him kick some more ass.[/spoiler]