If you thought this show was getting intense, then you would be correct. I wasn’t sure how this was all going to end, but the escalation between sixth and twelfth was quite beautiful. It really was a great misdirection. Twelfth just seemed crazy and I didn’t think that he actually was a good guy. The Omake at the end of the episode was kind of funny. I laughed at the part he chased an old woman dressed up. He really was a pervert in the in, but he at least had good intentions.


I see some epic cosplay coming out of this! All you need is a hair bow, a Yukata, bandages, and a hack saw.

The change to sixth being bad was very interesting. She definitely didn’t feel right, but I didn’t figure that she was quite as evil as she turned out to be. I do feel sorry for what happened to her. It was shocking to see that she got gang raped by her followers. It gave us perspective, but the twist of her being the bad guy was brilliantly executed. Watching her tell her followers to rape Yuno was crazy. The biggest problem I had was that I don’t understand how a single hit by a dart destroyed her diary. I figured that it would need to be torn or something. A single hole hardly counts as a destroyed diary. In the end she is important to the story because there should be quite a bit of repercussion from this. Even ninth giving fourth her email was strange. I want to know why that happened and what are fourth’s goal in getting it. If sixth taught us anything, it is nothing is what it appears to be.

Angering Yuno is like teasing a grizzle bear... It just won't end well for you.


The more interesting part of the series is watching Yukki’s relationship evolve with Yuno. I have been a Yuno fan since the first episode and I loved her during this episode. Even with a high fever she still is able to kill everyone in their way, even figure out which the real twelfth was. I loved how she cut off Sixth’s arm too. It made me cheer a bit, although it did suck seeing such obvious censoring. At least the censoring so far in the series have been all blacked out scenes, which fit the series dark tones. I am curious to see how Yukki’s attitude changes after this episode. I was surprised that he went after her like he did. He pretty much devised the plan on his own too, which is great. I also loved how he rewarded Yuno on his own. I can’t wait to see what kind of “Happy End” that they are going to have together.

Really, that is all it took? Man those diaries must have been made in China because they are cheap.

Also, I will update the Mirai Nikki: Character Breakdown page later… I realized that I forgot to save my files last time so I have to recreate them and that will take some time.

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