Natsu has gotten a little more badass.

If you thought Natsu was badass before, then now he is just way cooler. The fight between Dragon Slayer and God Slayer was pretty cool. I was a bit put off at how bad Natsu was getting beaten, but him gaining new powers is really cool. I am excited to see how he develops his new black fire magic into his current arsenal of tricks. I am hoping that this isn’t starting a trend of abilities Natsu will gain. It makes me think of Inuyahsa, which was a good series until it became a “lets see what new powers the Tessaiga can gain.” Either way the fight didn’t disappoint. I did quite like the way Natsu started trembling. It was great to see him take Gildarts’ message as a retreat when ever one, but instead he was willing to stay and fight and not lose the pride that Fairy Tail had.

Still, I am really liking the cat takeover.This view is the best... mMmmm~


The fight between Mirajane and Azuma was pretty lame. I feel like I lost when she lost most of her magic. I’ve been wanting to see a real Satan fight again after she schooled Freed during the Fighting Festival Arc. I do understand that she was suffering from the thought of losing Lisanna again, which is why she was distracted, but it wasn’t very impressive. Even in the end when she took the blast from the attack and protected Lisanna I didn’t really feel much for her plight. I am hoping that the fight isn’t over or at the very least Lisanna doesn’t suddenly gain a ton of power and defeat Azuma.


The part I found most exciting in 106 was the meeting of Zeref and Ultear. Zeref looked exceedingly awesome as he tried to kill her. The expressions on Ultear’s face was pretty funny. Her subduing him in the end didn’t feel 100%. It just seemed far too easy. Overall I am curious about what they are trying to do. If anything I already am getting the impression that Grimoire Heart will definitely get away with Zeref. Their goal is pretty interesting in itself, making a wizard only world.  I can’t wait to see Zeref fully awakened. I still want to know what his relation to Natsu is though.

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