Yuki's mom is a total MILF~


Looking at p0rn bad, having sex with his girlfriend good? Yuki's mom is sending mixed messages.


Episode 6 started off hilariously. We get introduced to Yuki’s mother and of course trying to impress her Yuno breaks into Yuki’s house in order to fix diner and clean his room. Watching Yuki try and hide Yuno in his closet only to have her trying to escape was great. Yuki’s mom was somewhat of the stereotypical young hip mom that loves her son. So there isn’t much originality to her, but it was fun watching their interactions and I was curious to find out what Yuno would do. I loved it when Yuno, who had been acting real nice, was glad that Yuki’s mom  wasn’t going to “interfere” with their relationship and that she didn’t need her sharp knives that she had packed. It gave me a chill and reminded me that Yuno is still that crazy psycho that we all know and love. I am very much interested in finding out what is going to happen when they “become one” on July 28th. It is easy to think that means sex, but it could mean a whole host of other things that don’t end well for one of them.


We get introduced to fifth in this episode. It was kind of obvious as soon as he was introduced that he was going to be a diary holder, I was just surprised since he is only four years old. The picture diary was pretty weak though. I did kind of hope they showed a more twisted side of him. He had puppets so I was expecting more talk between them. Maybe a bit of him arguing with himself. I thought it was interesting how his parents were involved in the sixth’s incident, but it leads me to wonder if he had access to sixth, why didn’t he try and kill her as well? It was pretty funny watching a four year old try and kill them over and over. Yuno figuring out that the weight of the tomato was different was pretty scary. Such a minute detail to pick up on.


Did they just stab a 4 year old? Psycho or not, that is just ballsy.

I loved it once they figured out that he was trying to kill them, Yuno was just like lets stab him and get it over with. Once she lost the patience to find the diary she just started trying to kill him by assaulting him with a hammer. That is kind of a cruel way to kill someone. At least use something bigger than the small mallet that she used to break in with. The final showdown between Yuno, Yuki, and Fifth was kind of ridiculous in my opinion. How did a four year old get a hold of poisonous gas? Also how could enough gas to fill the home come out of that envelope? Putting aside that, it was interesting to watch Yuno struggle and to watch Yuki help her out once again. It seems like why he is put off by her at the same time he likes her. Kind of like a love hate relationship. The most surprising part of episode 7 was that it showed, albeit edited, a four year old kid get stabbed. It even showed the knife sticking out of him. Mirai Nikki has some courage and I am sure the broadcasters got a lot of angry calls from mothers, whether it was blurry or not. I am not sure why Ninth came in to help them out in the end. Seems like an odd thing to do. Why no just let them die then and there?

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