Remember when I was saying that an all new look was in the works? Well here it is! We moved to a shiny new server on the cloud so I made a new look to not only commemorate our new server, but the new year! Welcome to 2012 and whether the Mayans are right or not, Anivision is going to go strong this year and push out more content and podcasts than ever! We are going to find some more staff to help keep that promise as well. If you are interested feel free to apply today, but more on that later.

The new look features two designs to it, the newest is a tabbed content browser. We separated the content that was on the site before and made it more simplistic and easier to browse. The tabbed pages features 3 sections: Latest Content, Stay Connected, and Anivision Podcast. The Latest Content tab will have all the posts that you will be looking for! Stay Connected is the tab to go to find out how to join us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more. You can also find a list of the latest news about Anivision, Friends, and Recent Comments. The Podcast tab is the place to go if you want to catch up on the latest podcasts from Anivision. Overall we decided that simpler is better. Instead of a complex page, you can find everything labeled and cleanly organized.

As for what stays the same, all of the post pages are going to look just like every other blog. The same content and sidebar formula you are accustomed to because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also we are going to keep the color coding and content filters because we felt that they were a great way to quickly identify and browse specific content. We just added a little bit of flair to them.

Let us know what you think of our new look and if you have any suggestions or find something that is broke, let us know! There is one point of contention, if you are using a really old browser than some things might not look as good, but if you are updated or using Mozilla, Safari, or Chrome then all should look great~