We’ll be doing an awards podcast this weekend, but we won’t be covering every category, just a handful. I’m taking it upon myself to post some of my favorites of the 2011. Not the best, and other games and such are totally deserving, but these are my favorites.

Favorite iOS game — EPOCH

Why? You might be surprised that it isn’t Infinity Blade 2. That game is sensational, but EPOCH was even funner for me. While iOS has seen its fair share of FPS games, EPOCH goes for a cover-shooting mechanic and really sets a standard for anybody else that wants to make cover shooters. There’s some kind of story going on, but I usually skipped over those in lieu of having fun shooting people up and jumping from cover to cover. It’s not complex by any means really, but there’s grenades and missiles and plenty of upgrades that kept me coming back.

Honorable mention: Tiny Wings

Favorite 3DS game — Mario Kart 7

Why? There hasn’t been much good on the 3DS this year besides a remake of an old game, so MK7 somewhat wins by default, but the game has been really enjoyable (as Xcom mentioned in episode 109). The new tracks really are terrific to drive thru, online is solid, and them bitches in the 150cc circuit are annoying as hell!

Honorable mention: Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Favorite remake — Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Why? That picture above is a great reason why. Halo CE was and always will be a great game, a classic by this point. Being able to switch the visuals between 2001 & 2011 is a fantastic indicator of not just how amazing Halo looks today with Reach and such, but how far the industry has come as a whole in making incredible settings and attention to minor details.

Honorable mention: MGS Collection HD

Favorite downloadable game for 360 & PS3 — Outland

Why? Outland is very much in that Metroid/Castlevania formula of adventuring which I’m a huge fan of. What Outland does (that Metroid Prime 2 really didn’t do so well) was take a light & dark theme with the approach you take to navigating the world and make both a fun adventure and a great visual treat.

Honorable mention: Bastion

Favorite FPS — Resistance 3

Why? steev is immediately confused as to why it isn’t his precious MW3 :P, but for me, R3 took the best part of Fall of Man (story), combined it with the best part of 2 (weapons and controls), and mushed them together to form what I think is the best combo of Single/Multiplayer in FPS this year. There’s somewhat of a Half-Life 2 vibe to R3, which I am quite high on.

Honorable mention: Call of Duty: MW 3

Favorite Male Character — Nathan Drake

Why? This feels somewhat default, but one thing I really like about Drake’s Deception was the game’s telling of his childhood early on. He was a snarky little even back then, but that chapter was good at showing that side of Drake while also slowly warming up to the idea of joining Sully.

Honorable mention: Link, Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword

Favorite Female Character — Catherine

Why? I like most people tend to play as the good guy in stories. And even heading into the game my plan was to be faithful to Katherine. But after one evening with C, I immediately decided to be a cheating bastard. Catherine is incredible and alluring, and each appearance she made at the bar or in Vincent’s bed was intriguing and left me wondering when/if K would ever find out. And you know what? The best cheater ending makes it worth it tenfold. Oh my god.

Honorable mention: Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword

Favorite story — Catherine

Why? Maybe I’m throwing myself off here. Portal 2’s script is incredibly tight and funny and great, but in between my opinions on the puzzle aspect of the game (you know, the main gameplay part), there really isn’t anything out there like Catherine’s story, which dealt with infidelity and commitment issues in relationships. Maybe that says something about me if I went to cheating so quickly. Nah… I’d never do that. 🙂

Honorable mention: Portal 2

Game from 2011 I most wanna play in 2012 — Tie, inFamous 2 and Skyrim


Ah, fuck me… these games look incredible. I’ve played the tiniest sliver of them via my Dad, but I eventually need to get other stuff like Skyward Sword done. inFamous would be best first, and then Skyrim for hours upon hours upon hours most likely.