No, hell has not frozen over… Nor is it the end of the world. However, what is true is that Xcom has finally decided on something he wants to actively do for the website. Xcom is our Google aficionado and being excited about Google+ he has decided to make tons of galleries! When I say tons, I mean tons. He is posting screenshots from most currently airing anime and lots of them are from the new season. He takes them and puts them in convenient galleries for all to view. We wanted to integrate them into the website so we found a great way to share them easily to all. So we have opened a Gallery section so you can go and find them. A link has been added to the menu below the banner. You should check on them daily because Xcom is posting them all the time. Hopefully in the future we will expand upon the gallery options and include a way to search through them easier.

They are Google+ galleries, so for the full experience it might be best to just visit our Google+ page. If you join our Google+ group then you can gain access to the complete galleries. That includes our NSFW ones~ We didn’t want to share them with everyone because we do have a slight moral compass. If you want to join you can check out links to our Google+ page in the gallery itself, in various stay connected links around the website. or you can join via the badge I put in this post! We hope to see you there!

Finally, Xcom hasn’t stopped there either. He does plan to pick a series or two and post them in the blog as well. We will have image centric posts were you can find dozens of screencaps from particular episodes. He might even post a small summary for them, so look at for those!