If your an elite subscriber on Xbox 360, then the new maps are out now and this is my impressions on them. Before I get started I do want to mention the new advertising campaign CoD has started with Rob Riggle. The CoD ads before never really were all that good, but these are funny as hell. Rob Riggle use to be a corespondent on the Daily Show and he was in the Military too. If you haven’t seen them, then here they are. I recommend watching them because they are pretty funny and have epic 1 liners.


Liberation is a wide open map that allows for ease of snipers. The video claims that run and gunners will be able to maneuver around, but when I tried it was just not easy to get kills. If anything those passage ways underground are a good for getting behind groups of people and taking them out. Assault Riffles, LMGs and Snipers are your go to guns on this map. If I were to compare it to maps out now, then it would be a lot like Interchange, except you get a much wider view of everything around you. So much so I would advise for you to work as a team. There are so many advantage points that you won’t know were the next bullet can come from. Overall I can’t say I am too impressed with the map. One map I didn’t like on MW2 was Wasteland and this map is like a more complex version of it. S&D and Capture the Flag would be the best modes for this map.


This map might make people rage a lot. Run and gunners will love the tight passage ways and small open battle zones. However, there are a ton of corners and a lot of cover to be found, which leaves a lot of room for people who like to camp or control areas of the map. Even with those corners there are a massive amount of passage ways and routes. It will make it hard to predict where people might come from, so objective modes might be much more challenging. Overall I like this map a lot more than Liberation. S&D will be great and Domination was challenging, but it was Kill Confirmed that I had the most fun with. It allows for a much more solo play and you won’t have to worry too much about snipers. Plus now that shotguns have been improved with today’s patch, there will finally be a map that will allow for shotguns to rule.

That is it for my first set of MW3 impressions. Now that the MW3 content season has begun look forward for even more DLC every month. Lets just hope that those of us who bought Call of Duty Elite get our monies worth. Arrivederci Bitches.