For a Top 5 list, I’m not 100% sure that I found 5 OPs that are actually good. Natsume’s newest OP doesn’t quite hit the same note as the others had; Kill Me Baby’s OP is what it is and I actually think Mouretsu Pirates’ OP is worse, and there’s the usual batch of ordinary OPs.

5. High School DxD (“Trip -Innocent of D-” by Larval Stage Planning)

I mean yeah… there are boobs in the OP. They’re everywhere in this show! I actually really like the song (also Larval Stage Planning’s B-side of the single) and the scenes of Issei fighting are pretty cool. Whenever I see the scene of him falling, I always think of Penguindrum’s OP.

4. Inu x Boku SS (“Nirvana” by MUCC)

I like the MUCC song from Senkou no Night Raid, but while I think this song is “ok”, the animation for all the Ririchiyo scenes are what particularly make this OP stand out from most others. I initially wasn’t going to watch SS, but then I randomly decided to watch eps. 2-3 last weekend and I think it’s a fun little show.

3. Aquarion EVOL (“Kimi no Shinwa” by AKINO)

A big part of me putting this in the Top 5 goes to AKINO. I really loved her songs in the 2005 series, and even if you heard that song during the episodes as we might with EVOL, there’s still that little jolt of excitement when you know the pilots are about to unite (and I’m sure that EVOL will have a 2nd OP).

I don’t really care for Mikono’s little “oh, gotta hold my skirt down” bit even though it’s an excellent summation of her personality, but everything else really captures the spirit of the series with the over-the-top action and orgasming. Go back and watch the 2005 version; it looks incredibly plain compared to today.

2. Nisemonogatari OP2 (“Marshmallow Justice” by Eri Kitamura)

Sure, the animation is really great and it’s an opening featuring Karen and bees… but we all know it’s the horns that make this one of the Winter’s best OPs!

I know Nisemonogatari might bring us another set of OPs by season’s end, so I’d like to see one like this centering around Tsukihi. Maybe Maaya Sakamoto will sing a theme with Shinobu scenes.

1. Another

lol j/k Ali Project is annoying. I haven’t even watched past episode 1.

1. Rinne no Lagrange (“Try Unite” by Megumi Nakajima)

Now here is a great anime OP. Sometimes an OP has just a good song, but there are those few times when the visual style and the song blend very well together, as it does here. It looks like a handful of people participated in Key Animation, and the high quality shows in the two different segments of the theme.

I’ll be doing ED themes later in the week. I think this season’s batch of ED themes beat out the OPs.