Interesting that I pick 2 Aquarion feature pics. The OP didn’t get #1, but can the ED?

Now to round out my theme song choices, we have the endings. ¬†Ending themes are a bit more plentiful then OPs as there was at least one choice I had to knock down to #6 in favor of the following Top 5 list…

5. Thermae Romae (“Thermae Roman” by Chatmonchy)

This is an interesting choice here, but I do it primarily to raise awareness of a show that Anivision hasn’t mentioned once on a preview or podcast. It’s a funny show that only has six 15-minute episodes about a bath tub architect who travels through time. Yes, that’s right… it’s Hot Tub Time Machine, the anime!

Anyways, I remember liking a Chatmonchy song from Bleach, and this one’s pretty good. The anime is listed on MAL as 3 eps., but sub groups released them in 6.

4. Rinne no Lagrange (“Hello” by Megumi Nakajima)

If you’re sitting down, go ahead and stand on your seat as you watch this ending. Another Ranka Lee Megumi Nakajima song for ya.

3. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (“Takaramono” by Marina Kawano)

Natsume endings in snow sung by ladies are the best.

2. Aquarion EVOL (“Gekko Symphonia” by AKINO & AIKI)

It’s not too often that you get to hear a male/female duet song in an anime theme. It’s probably happened more since my last memory of one which was from Gundam Seed.

I really like the art. Creditless, these can make great wallpapers.

1. High School DxD (“Study x Study” by StylipS)

Dat animation quality! I honestly have no idea what the song sounds like.