Did you know that on your PS3, Xbox 360, Smartphone, or Computer you can watch tons of great anime for free? Crackle, a free movie streaming website, came to Xbox 360 recently in the form of an app, so I decided to check it out. I have heard about it before and knew I could watch great movies for free, albeit older titles. I just wanted to check out the app on the 360 and see what kind of quality you can get from it. Little did I know that I discovered something fantastic, Anime. Not just a few titles, lots of it and it was free.

On January 17th of this year Crackle attained the rights to show Aniplex shows on their website for free. I am not sure how widely reported this was, but I didn’t hear about it and I am a frequint visitor to Anime News Network. This combined with Xbox 360 launching their Crackle app gave us the right to watch anime easily, conveniently, and for free. This includes titles like Ah! My Goddess, Oreimo, Aquarion, Big Windup!, Blood+, Durarara!, and much more, including naughty titles like Queen’s Blade. Not only does it have stuff from the latest seasons like Blue Exorcist and Fate/Zero, but also currently airing titles like Nisemonogatari! The quality isn’t stellar, but it looks pretty good. Also there is a lot of inconstancy whether or not you will be able to watch the sub or the dub. Some have the dub, some have the sub. This however isn’t new if you tried to watch anime streaming on Netflix you ran into the same problem.

If you own an Xbox 360, iPhone, or Android device then all you need to do is download the app, which is free. I noticed on the 360 that from time to time it will give me an error about reaching the server, but if you try a couple of times you will connect. If you own a PS3 then unfortunately you will have to load your web browser and visit Crackle.com. After looking up a bit of information on Crackle I laughed since Crackle happens to be a subsidiarity of Sony Entertainment Pictures. Sony dropped the ball on that one, giving their competitors direct access before they gave themselves direct access.

If you want to see all they offer, visit their website here: Crackle.com