Today the 3rd piece of DLC has been added to us Call of Duty Elite subscribers on Xbox 360 and since I did the impressions for the last two maps I figured I’d keep doing them. I’ve got to get the most out of my subscription. The third drop is another map and that is Overwatch. From the initial impressions you might get the impression that it is a remake of Highrise from MW2, but once you get on it you’ll notice a massive difference. This map is made for objective modes. It has two distinctive areas split into two levels. That makes Capture the Flag and Domination the best playlists for this map. Shotguns are not recommended because it has long corridors and gives distance guns more of an advantage. LMGs, Assault Riffles, and Snipers are your guns of choice. Be for warned that camping is easy as there are a lot of corners and spots that you can easily hold.

Overall I like this map more than the other two, but you are going to have to pay attention to the vertical nature of this map. It is split into two sections, but you can look down or up from almost any part of the map. Also make sure you pay attention to the sides of the map. Several times I fell because I wasn’t looking where I was walking or I spawned and stupidly fell off because I started running haphazardly. I am also starting to realize that I really hate this “Season of Content.” The idea is great, but having one or two maps released at a time makes it harder to play them. I enjoy it when 3-5 maps get released. Then I can play through them all and learn them at the same time. Playing one map over and over again gets boring after a while.

Other News:

There has been an update today and for those who don’t know they have added 5 new prestige levels bringing the total to 15. This is a good thing because I reached the final prestige before the first DLC dropped in January. It took me almost 6 months to finish leveling in Black Ops, but MW3 was just too easy.