So this has been long delayed, but Amuro finally got his act together and put this out. Finally here’s the third installment of Anivision [Ext] and it’s an entire episode dedicated to the 4 Leaf Studio developed Katawa Shoujo. In this very special episode Jrow and Amuro are joined by old Anivision member Dee as we discuss this rather unique visual novel. Below we’ve broken down the times we discuss certain characters in case you want to jump around to a specific part of the episode. In any case, check below for a bonus image and links to cool stuff related to the game.

Shizune – 10:40

Lilly – 18:09

Hanako – 27:40

Emi – 35:28

Rin – 43:32

Side Characters – 59:55

Overall Review 1:12:52

The image that started it all.

The Official Katawa Shoujo Website – Complete with character bios and a download link for the full game.

Katawa Crash – A Flash ballistics game based on Nanaca Crash where you launch Hisao into the air to see how far he can go. Super addictive.

Coping and Living with Our Disabilities – A great and insightful article co-written by friend of the show Foshizzel and blogger Ephemeral Dreamer.

Metanorn Review – Featuring Jrow and other Metanorn friends of Anivision